Is there a client event log? Dev console?


Is there an easy way to see what the HF client is doing in real time, especially with regards to downloading assets?

I’ll be specific:
I’m in Israel. Domains load slowly but surely. People’s avatars hosted all over… that’s a problem. NOt just for me, for eat least one other Israeli user.
Ideally I want to know what’s being loaded and exactly from where and how long it took so I can blame my router’s blocked ports, my ISP, whoever.

For example I’m loading the tomb right now and it looks like the “loading content” sign will stay on forever, though I think it’s probably 99% done… but I have no way to know for sure.

Other than that I’m curious about lots of stuff that goes on in the background, so event logger, dev console, whatever there is, please tell me about it!


Sadly not. Asset links were removed from the logs to protect the creators from having their items stolen. I was meaning to do a domain size check on the tomb but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll try to give it a go and will report back what I find.

That being said, the avatars near the starting area is NOT helping with that and really do inflate the load time. I had a side project for using overlays and observing the “is the world loaded” check to then download the avatars as an overlay so that the world can load up first and the avatars to change into second. Otherwise it just congests everyone’s connection with something they may not even use.


That’s not sad, that’s crazy, especially for an open platform in an early stage… hiding info that could be important for improving the system.

And it’s no as if the information can be hidden… isn’t it all json files the client reads anyway?

I’ll have to ask around where people store stuff so I can check manually what my ISP/router may be throttling or choking on.


I’ve had my stuff stolen a few times, so that isn’t crazy. It’s all fun and games until something you put time into is just copied off. I do make some projects I’m okay in sharing but some items are personal.

That being said, I use a Digital Ocean server located in CA (I forget which branch). However, most assets in the tomb are most likely hosted on an Amazon S3 with CDN support. The avatars, however, I’m not so sure on.


Hiding URL’s is really a must have. Otherwise this plstform would be dead before it start.

Also, i never did misSing asset url’s. You can find all you domain objects in the list.


I’ve had my stuff stolen a few times, so that isn’t crazy.

Hiding URL’s is really a must have

I don’t disagree that assets needs to be protected, but compare this to a website.
No one can stop you copying the content, nor can they hide the addresses.

3D content clearly presents different challenges… I wonder how asset stores that have 3D previews handle this. Surely you can lift models off of places like TurboSquid very easily… hmm.