Is there a slack or other live chat irc type thing for hifi?


I’m missing the global chat experience in hi fi, and wondering if there is some sort of chat that I can join somewhere?



There is no standard or convention for text chat, either local or group chat. It is up to individual world builders to determine how to serve their customers in that regard.


I was just wondering if there was an active beta builder communication thing - to ask and answer questions - like group chats in SL but out of world since now we don’t have them inworld yet - right?


Ah, do that right here. Set the topic to Help & Troubleshooting. Someone will help out.


:confused: but it’s not the same as an actual live chat channel where you can have conversations and stuff…oh well! I miss the sense of connection to other people that are provided by chat channels.


Well, there is a Gitter chatroom, and the IRC chatroom, and one other place whose name escapes me… but not much chat goes on at any of them.


True it is not the same. I think there is less of text chat here because of a fundamental difference between HF and other virtual worlds. In HF, voice chat works so well. It is not uncommon to find a group of people inworld just talking to each other in real time with no lag or perceptible delays. I see people taking to each other on build issues. I mentioned that here (view the vid).


The problem with voice chat is proximity. Chat channels permit global discussions.


where is the IRC chatroom?


It is on Freenode as #highfidelity iirc.