Is there a VR version of the mouse event clickDownOnEntity?


I would like an object to behave the same when I click on it using my mouse or if I point at it with a laser and “click” in VR. I expected the clickDownOnEntity would work, but it appears to be mouse only? I haven’t found an equivalent callback for VR controls. Is there an established way of doing this or am I missing something?


I suspect this to be “broken”.
I have some “click to teleport” entities on my domain that stopped to works in HDM there is maybe 1 month ago.
It would be logic to say that it certainly uses that same event.
It was working for mouse and controller before.


clickDownOnEntity is mouse specific.

for vr you need to use

startFarTrigger: Distance Trigger press
continueFarTrigger: Distance Trigger hold
stopFarTrigger: Distance Trigger stop

startNearTrigger: Close Trigger press / hand very close to object
continueNearTrigger: Close Trigger hold / hand very close to object
stopNearTrigger: Close Trigger stop / hand very close to object

details here: HTC vive, No javascript clickDownOnEntity action?

You also need to enable triggerable for the entity. which is usedata of {"grabbableKey":{"wantsTrigger": true}}


You can also use mousePressOnEntity. Though last time I tried it not long ago, the event occurred twice per click.


Thanks for the help! It worked almost like a charm (turns out that you can’t have the object being activated be collisionless either).

However, I’ve run into another issue. I have my event hooked up to startFarTrigger but I seem to get it twice with every activation. Is this a bug, or am I expected to manually limit the input using stopFarTrigger?


Yes it’s triggering twice. Any way to fix?


Just tested mousePressOnEntity in current release and it triggers once for mouse, twice for controllers.

The double-clicks can be distinguished because they have different event properties. For example, the first event’s button property has a value of "None" whereas the second event has a value of "Primary".