Is there a way otherwise we need one to view the collision shape inworld?


Is there a way otherwiose we need one to view the collision shape inworld ?
I have made collision shape it’s 99% fine. but at some place. Something is blocking my path.
And i cannot see how the collision shape is looking inworld.

Is there option to make that visible after the collision function did it’s work. Otherwise we need that option to see the collision shape. It looks fine in blender, but go wrong inworld. If you see nothing it’s hard to find the problem.

Got a smart idea, just loaded the OBJ as object inworld. and i found a object on that place. so i can solve it. But it’s possible still a good functionalit that can later be used for more things.


Its broken its up on worklist if you would like to fix it


If you used the HF Blender plugin to make the collision hulls, then you should be able to visualize the shapes in Blender. View it with vertex painting. In that way you can inspect the collision hulls before bringing them into HF.


The blender plugin is terrible. because it looks like i still need to make a new collision shape firts. Then why use v-hacd ? I now did the last thing and made my own collision shape and uploaded that. it works now fine…


Yes, I discussed this with @chris a couple of meetings ago. The VHACD parameters are quite unintuitive. They weren’t meant to be exposed directly. I suggested a higher abstraction that in turn sets meaningful values. Khaled’s VHACD algorithm does work very well. It’s used heavily in another grid I worked on, and it successfully handles complex objects (assuming normal are correct and the mesh is manifold). Another issue is scaling, VHACD quickly develops precision problems is the scale of the mesh model is too large or too small. I hope the plugin is taking that into account.