Is there a way to disable user nametag scripts?


Some get upset by this question but there’s a good reason to block nametags.

Nametags can be used to cheat.
Say your in experuence ‘hide and seek’ then you not want nametags tell where people are.

Or in game domains nametags are a bad thing in many chases to.

So, is there a way to disable it so nametags not tell where others are ?


Not that I’m aware of since it’s not actually a type of script, but more using data that’s available within the client to create a new interface option. So a restriction wouldn’t be to block nametags, but would instead need to block scripts from accessing the avatar list information.

Even if you could block scripts from accessing the avatar list in a particular domain, if someone really wanted to cheat they could recompile the interface to remove the restriction. Since you can’t get away from the interface receiving the avatar information as it needs to render then.

When it comes to gaming you’d have to really on the trust model, and trust the players to play fair.


Thinking about it more though, if you were doing a game domain you could have a custom HUD script for the game which checked for the existence of certain overlays and hid them. Obviously you’d need to make sure all players were aware that this would occur to them whilst in the domain and using the game hud.


Well, you cant really stop anyone from running a script to find someone else in a domain, soo… yeah.

Only way you can get around it is by having an Entity in your stead. Which is doable.