Is there an API for available Domains?


I was just wondering if there is an api similar to users that lists all of the online public domains with placenames?

Maybe something like api/v1/domains?


Kinda. According too @b, it’s It’s still in development tho, as not all domains are returned, only some selected ones.


I think thats actually returning any of the domains that have users in them and are listed.

Would be cool to have a variant that just shows all with the amount of users in them, althought there is some cross counts, since some domains have multiple place names.


Just curious: what do you need it for?
I’m thinking about grabbing the domains off of the users and saving them in a DB.


Concept research/prep for a HMD friendly teleporter system


As mentioned in Philip’s recent H2 road map post:


We need a first cut at making it easy to find and explore the different domains that are coming online. An event calendar of some kind will likely be part of this work, as well as screenshots or photospheres that can capture a particular vantage point for easy sharing.

We will be adding new features to allow domain operators to tag details about their domains and share them in the domain directory. We will be exposing these through a RESTful API just like users are today. Stay tuned and be patient… we’re actually working on this one right now!