Is there config option to change size, shape and position of the log window?


Tried it for a long time, but its not my friend with shape,size and position, the log window in interface.exe is very good, except that the position and shape of the windows and also the position is complete wrong.

So everytime i open the window i need to change all the above settings.
Is there not some option to configure the location and let interface.exe
remember that, that would be so usefull, safes lots of
mouseclicking and extra load on the fingers.

i see the window preferrable top screen , much wider and less higher. so info is more readable. The log window is anyway not width enough right now.


Maybe in interface.ini


On Windows 7 I’m able to right click mouse in title area of window, select properties and set Window Size section to my desired width/height and have it persist between runs.


Going to try that, as soon High Fidelity released a new stack manager so i can login on my domain again.


@OmegaHeron Thats not working for me, clicking on the title header of the interface.exe log window. But theres no properties option.


@Richardus, Here is what I see with Interface console (log) window. If I left click on the blue dot in upper left corner or right click anywhere in the top most area I get a menu allowing me to set properties as shown in second image.


I see a miscommunication, this is not the interface.exe log screen. this is the console screen.
The screen am talking about you can find in the interface.exe menu under view -> log. That screen dont have the properties option to give it the right size for ever.


Yes, I see now. Sorry I led you on a false chase! I usually watch the console screen on 2nd monitor so I was fixated on it.