Is there documentation how to change the desktop hud?


Best option to solve table and my desjtop hud problem would be to mkae my own, but. Is there some documentation that explains how to make your own desktop hud ? In this case i like to replace the icons for a different combination with icon and large text. And want to have the hud on the screen side then and a bit bigger…

I think open the hud with right mouse click is interesting idea to have it not on the screen. But right now , i do not really understand how the clicked every script part togheter.

You would expect some approach that you have one sript that place all buttons. That script is calling other script. But it’s possible not so nice modulair as i think.


We don’t have this documented yet, but some things that might be helpful as a starting place with modifying the code in your HiFi directory:

  • Each of the items on the HUD has their own script, and are all loaded in through the default scripts file. You can change the content of the buttons, i.e. text and icon images, in their respective scripts (e.g. the VR button toggle is in hmd.js, GOTO is goto.js, etc.)

  • You can modify the appearance of the tool bar and the buttons with the QML files located in resources > qml > hifi > toolbars, specifically ToolbarButton for the button formatting (image / text visuals) and Toolbar (for the sizing of the buttons and layout).

What I did to get the HUD on the side:

  • Change from the horizontal layout to vertical, in Toolbar.qml, in Window{} by changing property bool horizontal to false
  • Make the menu movable, in Desktop.qml, change Settings { constrainToolbarToCenterX }to false and comment out line anchors.horizontalCenter: settings.constrainToolbarToCenterX ? desktop.horizontalCenter:undefined.

A word of caution: I’d definitely recommend saving a copy of the original files you change just in case anything starts behaving unexpectedly, and also save a copy of your updated formatting outside of the High Fidelity directory so that you can reapply your changes if things are changed after updates.

You’ll need to restart Interface to see changes to the QML