Is there some sort of organizing principle at work?


I have been fiddling with hifi for a while now and I have a local linux domain running but so far all I have been doing is flailing around without any real direction. I have come to the conclusion that there are basically three categories of people involved here: the DEVELOPERS, the alphas and the non-alphas and the DEVELOPERS appear to be the ones that function more or less as a unit. The rest seem to be wandering about alone pretty much as I am. So to my question, Is there some sort of organizing principle here? I have looked and looked and found nothing. I would assume that if there is such a thing as alpha testing that there would be some information about what to test, try, experiment with and what new capabilities come with releases and how they should work. I really would like to contribute but I seem to spend all my time trying to figure out what should and should not work and what to post about and where to post.

Any information gratefully received.


The best way to keep upto date on things is the alpha meeting, which happens Fridays at 2. These tend to update us on whats new, whats been fixed, whats been broken and Chris tends to show us some new tricks.
Most the work at the moment the developers are on with seem to be related to the engine and how it all works big picture stuff.
Its not really at a stage where u can throw a party and have your friends over, but day by day new stuff is going in.
What i’m becoming increasingly aware of is that rather than us saying i want a this feature that feature kinda thing. They want people to say i want to build a script so i can make this happen or that happen. in java script.
If your trying to do these kinda of things the developers are really helpful and in many ways i think its what its all about.

I’m mostly a builder and spend my free time trying to pretty up the place and make stuff that people want to come look at.and trying to figure out avatar stuff.
As i do this i try to make some videos so other people can pick it up and try.

Highfidelity is a ball. you can use it to play a game but u can pick it up and and just play with it and see where your imagination leads


Spot on Judas… well said.

It helps to attend the meetings on Fridays - and not get it mixed up in your head and arrive on Saturdays wondering where everyone is!! - like I do :slight_smile:


Hey, Judas. Thanks for the response. I had seen a notice about the meeting but didn’t realize what it was. I’ll try to go. Where can I find your videos? I saw the beginner one and it was quite helpful.


Maby not so much busy with High Fidelity as expected. but the short time i spend on High Fidelity. I trip over enough bugs , problems, and weird things. So to keep things smooth running for me and others. Its better to work on slower speed. That way everbody can breath.

Besides, i first need to know why i cannot enabled the bounding box in a way its showing a yellow box aroudn objects.


@DebsRegent Unless you live on the other side of the international date line (aka in the future!!!), in which case Saturday mornings are correct (which works extra-well for me). :slight_smile:


There is documentation being written as we speak, have a look thru some of these pages to see whats working and what to try. It gets added to all the time so its worth going back to regularly as it grows.


I feel it would be an interesting thought experiment that if you let the public see HF today, what would you show them?

Clearly it’s not even in beta, but I guess the question turns into, “When do we get out of beta?”

Has beta even been decided or thought about yet?

It seems to be a case of “It’s new, its fresh, it will be ready when it’s ready” which I’m ok with for a while.

I would like to know if there is a a vision of what direction it could/should take. Stealth is understandable though.


I think next year will be a good year for HIFI if they spend enough on advertising what they envision and market it with VR headsets. The only problem with HIFI will be in the future when it is real enough people/bots/clones/robots can log in and misrepresent who they are by taking the image of another person to affect those around them either positively or negatively.


I think the go not beta before all important things work in alpha. and right now there are some parts missing. but we still have 9 months before its next year. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t let the public see HiFi in its current state.
Nothing would kill any potential public interest in it faster than someone saying “THE CREATOR OF SECOND LIFE IS MAKING A NEW VIRTUAL WORLD” then sending an image of any of the Alpha things. Plasticcy avatars in starry voids with strange, often flat looking environs.

Consider how whenever someone outside of the SL bloggosphere talks of SL, they use particularly dated images. In this regard, showing people the HiFi alpha, something which is currently still quite ugly (despite shadows and lighting being a lot better) would probably sour the image in the eyes of the public.
SL looks ugly. To the public, it has never improved visually and really, unless you’re on a gaming-rig and have a list of nice looking Sims, it hasn’t changed much.
To then have ‘the inventor of SL’ come public with something that looks even worse, it would render HiFi kinda a joke in a lot of peoples eyes.

That’s just my typically pessimistic opinion on HiFi tho. However, people would be skeptical of HiFi simply because we already had Rosedale drum up hype for SL, then for SL to basically fade into obscurity. Combine that with Dev Graphics and that could poison the well for this world’s future very fast.

Eh, I don’t know.


HIFI will start out a better version of second life inherently and likely end up very capable morphing into what is being envisioned but the one thing it should be ready for is next years VR thats a big opportunity to not miss out on and something more than a white robot in outter space would likely be appealing. But hey why not just make a solar system demo where you can fly to and walk on the planets in 3D VR being able to watch a movie on mars with a friend beside you. This would really give HIFI a small boost.


Why all the comparisons to Second Life?

HF is a NEW venture with NEW tech. You would be better off comparing it to things like Unreal Engine if you’re starting on a downer.

HF is Alpha … again, I repeat Alpha. This is ground up development of a brand new idea and concept. As for modelling - there are only test models here. No finalised polished environments to play in. We are testing what’s possible. That’s the fun of it!

Xzemi - why don’t you create what you want to see here - add to HF!

Netverk - easy to put down at this stage. Why don’t you do something to make it better - that’s what you’ve been invited here for.


I tend to compare it to second life in its alpha because second life was originally designed to be for VR headsets that were being pushed out in the 90’s. The technology had not yet matured enough where it was affordable for the average consumer so it became less than originally envisioned. Also its tough to go into an unfamiliar system after spending years working in a familiar system a good example would be windows 7 users. So using windows 10 as an example I am testing that it started off with a hybrid appearance of windows 7 familiarity and blend of newer windows 8 features. That being said it would be wise if HIFI mixes old with new to get it going so long as the engine and framework support the future I see little issue with that.


Being that is is ALPHA I expect it to have a lot of problems. It is not ready for the public it is not ready for much of anything because it is ALPHA .I like being able to come in the world and see where it is heading and I dont expect much but it to process things out one baby step at a time, which is what it is doing, and thats ok. And you can see these guys are up till 3am writing code, it is a work in progress.
I am looking in the programs needed to start creating. And I am happy to be here.


Good to have you on board @Starx
Great to see someone who appreciates what HF is and what it could become :smile:


I’d like to attend the Friday meetings - I feel in a similar position to morrisford (except I haven’t got a domain yet…looking into that). I’d like to contribute what I can though. Where do I find the meeting at what time is it exactly - are we talking 14.00 EST in America, or 02.00 etc? I’m in the UK.


@Evy_711 @Chris usually posts a message sending out time/day and an email. Time is often 14:00 Pacific time (SLT).


Thanks very much Omega.


Not thinking even so far as beta, is there a roadmap or development timeline of any kind available to the aphas?