Is there support for webcam facial recognition?


Hi peeps,

Maybe I’m missing something but I’ve read through docs and posts and whatnot and can’t find any definitive answer to this.

If you are a member of the general unwashed massses with just a regular laptop and webcam how do you get the interactive ness ?

In other words we don’t have oculus or fancy depth cameras or those funky things that detect finger wagging… My HiFi experience thus far has been a static avatar drifting around in space unable to do very much other than chat on IRC - not sure how much value we can add as alpha testers if we can’t do anything !

Yours Truly


As Alpha members giving feedback is always valuable.

As a direct answer to your question. No, not as of yet.


Though I believe it is being actively worked on.


This is a great question @yours.truly :slight_smile:

I’d love to see full motion capture from a webcam as well.



There was, but it was removed at some point. I think?
It wasn’t very good without a 3D webcam, which may have been why it was removed?

Can someone enlighten me I honestly have no idea! I just remember ‘Visage’ being a thing once and then it no-longer being a thing, but then that HiFi funding announcement video still having it in after that.
I figured it was removed for people who don’t have 3D webcams.


I hope they can get a client made with some of the tech behind FaceRig, ala Visage Tech as an external client that would plug into the same api as faceshift.


It looks like an accepted work list item but nothing much appears to have happened - the github link is dead on that page


Ok I have the Visage SDK - will have a poke around and see whats viable - need to take a look at the faceshift api as well of course


Visage use to be in the viewer.It sorta worked but wasn’t great


I guess another (simple) option might be to use an alternative keyboard layout for those users who are equipment challenged (eg no occulus or depth cams )

So where the standard WASD moves you around as usual, you could add IJKL for manual head control - eg

i - Head tilts up
k - Head tilts down
j - Head left
l - Head right

This may be achievable using a simple javascript I’m guessing



^ as mentioned higher up the post it looks like @ctrlaltdavid is working on a 2d facetracking solution maybe slap him around and see what info u can get ?


It has its issues, but for basic webcam users it still would work better than nothing. Lets see what @ctrlaltdavid has cooking though.


Some webcam face tracking should hopefully come about with


Is DDE face tracking the thing that was in there before and just requires re-enablement? Happy to test it once the thing is configured as @Menithal notes it would be alot better than nothing, and indeed “things can only get better”



@yours.truly Visage is what was in previously; DDE is something different.