Is this email legit?


Just got an email from claiming to be hifi support.

Is this legit or is somebody already trying to jack HFC?

If it isn’t legit HTF did they get my email address?

If it is legit WTF is HiFi using email that isn’t from


Thank you for joining our commerce beta. We are very excited to have you participate in it. We’d like to remind you of a couple of very important things you may have seen during your wallet setup.

It is important to not forget your passphrase!
Please save it. We cannot reset passphrase for you. If you forget your passphrase, you will also lose the HFC and purchases associated with your account.

Make sure to back up your private keys!
Please copy and paste to store it at another folder (e.g. another local drive, USB disk, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). If you lose your private keys, we cannot recover them for you. Here are some things that can cause you to lose access:

Doing a clean install of High Fidelity. This will delete your original keys which you will need to use your wallet. In future release, we will add another warning message and checkbox to prevent mistakenly delete private keys during clean install.
Setting up a wallet on one computer and then logging into your account on another computer, without backing up your private keys and take them to travel with you. You will need to copy your original private keys from the 1st computer and paste it at the correct folder on your 2nd computer.
Deleting the .hifikey. This can be done accidentally when you delete appdata roaming folder, or making a back up using cut + paste instead of copy + paste.
Losing your original private keys means that your High Fidelity account will no longer have access to your HFC and purchases associated with your account. If you are a content creator, future sales of your items on the marketplace cannot be accessed by you. We cannot help you retrieve it. You will have to create a new account and set up a new wallet.

Hoping you’re having a happy start to 2018,
The High Fidelity Team


It is legit, I know I applied for a HFC coin grant a while back and I got the email just a bit ago.


Oh ok cool thanks.

Now I wonder where .hifikey is stored in a linux system. Sucks none of the info is in the documentation.

You would think that would be sort of important since you pretty much have to reinstall hifi interface every 5 minutes.


Yes, I got the same email notice this morning - and I’ve been testing the shopping experience in the beta shop and have my HFC currency to spread around…


I would presume you wallet key would be stored here on linux:
/home/[username]/.local/share/High Fidelity/Interface/


@Cracker.Hax is the 3rd party ticketing system High Fidelity uses for internal bug reports and tickets, some greeters and worklisters also use it to submit bug reports, and to where it seems any submitted marketplace item goes to get assigned a reviewer. Basically their internal third-party tool they use.

Now known as manuscript (domain name change pending) that they are seem to be using like a zendesk and someone forgot to configure domain names.

I dont really agree with their current use case, but it seems thats the case as everyone go the same email…