Is this real? Apple ring holographic


I saw this video on Facebook, looks feasible somewhere along the timeline.

It is in Russian I think, maybe there is someone who can understand. Has anyone got any more info on this even if its a hoax, not saying I dont trust Facebook, well, yeah thats exactly what I am saying, I cant find any confirmation.
I saw some stuff last year about turning your smart phone into a holographic projector, and this was the current state-of-the-art in 2015.
This was released in 2014

In 2015 Apple patented the smartphone ring.

I have googled a bit and discovered the Apple iRing but the latest is oct 2015 and is just a ring (well not just a ring, but no mention of holographic projection)

Now I see this, but I cant find any more info about it,
I’ll post the link again, you have to see this. Let me know you’re reaction.



There is no tech that allows for that to occur without an overlay headset: Mainly due to two, quite important things:

  1. Battery power. It wouldnt be a viable consumer product if it only lasted an hour or less. Mass vs capacity.
  2. What is it projecting it on: You do not have a medium to project the hologram on top. Usually this is done on top of glass, but you cannot have it it project like in a scifi movie on air without gas.

Thats why they are simply using headsets to do it for you (such as, the Magic leap, Hololens or Meta vision). Then it is doable. But it would not be in the form as in that video.

Honestly too, the design on the interface is honestly very un-apple like. :wink:


If its fake how do U explain this


It is the pixels in that image. Clearly photoshopped :wink:


This is how you do it: