Issue that might lead to non-admin level windows users losing their wallet


I am logged in with a windows account that doesn’t have admin access.

When I make my wallet it tells me instructions for backing up the wallet have been opened on the desktop.

It lets you click a link that opens a windows folder that takes you to the appdata roaming high fidelity location and suggests you backup the file on dropbox, drive or a usb stick.

The problem is that the location that it takes you to by default doesn’t contain the .hifikey wallet, it only contains a .bin file.

A new user that is not familiar with cryptocurrency might not understand that a .bin file is not the file to backup.

I consider myself to be an expert level understanding of cryptocurrency and private key management, and I backed up the .bin file assuming that was just the naming structure that HF used.

It was only when I did some googling and looked at some documentation that I noticed the private keys are in a .hifikey file.

I would suggest that you guys rethink the UX of the backup process to account for users who are not on a windows account with admin permissions.

Hope that helps!


I am unsure why you are only seeing a directory with a .bin file in it, because for me I have a .hifikey file, an html file, and a .bin file.

The backup_instructions.html gives clear instructions on what to back up. I believe that this file may have been intended to be auto-opened in the user’s default browser, but that some bug prevents browser auto-opening (which is something I’ve experienced before-- it’s surprisingly difficult to get browser sessions to open from another program)

Here’s a copy of the page that is included in that directory.

That’s strange that your key did not end up in that directory, however. Did you ever find it?