Issue to load HiFi content


I have issues to load the content of HiFi on one of my desktop computers. The specs are:

CPU: i7 6700
RAM: 32gb DDR4
GPU: nVidia 970 geforce
OS: Windows 10 64bit

Here the hifi log:

I think it’s something due to my network, but probably you know what’s the reason and what to do.

Content not loading anymore on my domain after windows update
Interface Not Connected
Procedural (un)loading of content based on nearby avatars

This probably slipped through the cracks,
Instead of bumping month old topics you should have just bumped this one.

Do you have any details where you are having issues loading content?
It doesnt sound like a network issue, more of a graphics issue.


sorry I was trying to get attention on this. Anyway, if it is a graphics issue, what info do you need? Basically, when I enter the interface, whenever I go through the domains (e.g.: sandbox, ventura, qbit, etc.) it takes a very long time to load, without loading completely each environment.

  • What Drivers are you using?
  • It takes -very- long for the stuff to load? but it does load?
  • Is it loading or is it frames dropping (are you moving jerkily)
  • Have you tried a semi empty place like Empty?

You can find this under the Developer tab you can make visible by turning on Settings > Developer Settings.

  • Can you take a few screenshots of your stats info when you do teleport?

For starters :slight_smile:


Hello @Menithal,
a) nvidia driver version: 368.81
b) it takes very long and after hours (4-6) just loads very few 3D models of the entire environment, never the full content.
c) there’s no frame dropping in Ventura, but yes in Empty
d) attached, the screenshots of the stats.

This is the loading bar; always in the same progress position when visible.


Wow, whats your internet speed? frames look OK, but I think it actually might be your connection, seeing that Mbps In / out being below 1mbps


Looks like 780Kb, which suggests a tier 2 DSL line. Now, the other possibility is that your net connection is fast but that your Wi-Fi access point is old. Anything older than about a year old is likely to drop too many UDP messages, and HF is all about UDP.

To quickly test if it is your Wi-Fi access point, connect your computer via ethernet to your router/modem.


Hello @Balpien.Hammerer,
the PC is connected through ethernet. Seeing that right now is phisically far from me (in another office) I’m doing some tests by remote. In any case, when I tested locally, I used ethernet connection and still is ethernet.

So, how could I solve this in your opinion?


Key is determining your network connection bandwidth, Run and determine your network speed. The rock bottom bandwidth is around 2Mb/sec just for your avatar and a non-local domain with a few items in it. The practical minimum bandwidth is 10Mb/sec DL and 2Mb/sec UL.


here the speedtest. As you can see, we have enough bandwidth.


what’s originally the meaning of the log?

QOpenGLDebugMessage(“APISource”, 131186, “Buffer performance warning: Buffer object 992 (bound to NONE, usage hint is GL_STATIC_DRAW) is being copied/moved from VIDEO memory to HOST memory.”, “MediumSeverity”, “PerformanceType”


Since it is not bandwidth and not a Wi-Fi issue, I believe it is time for the devs to help out since the problem is not obvious.



Thanks @Balpien.Hammerer to get me in contact with @Caitlyn


With all due respect to you and of course to our resident physics guru @Balpien.Hammerer, it would appear that your download bandwidth is in fact half of the minimum spec.

Are you having the same issues when you build your Sandbox via localhost?


well even if the bandwidth from which I connect is half of the minimum required on another PC I had no problems, having actually 5mb download and 1mb upload. Just in this case, seeing that I’m using a different network the issue appeared.

Can you please explain the sentence “Are you having the same issues when you build your Sandbox via localhost?”

because what I’m doing is trying access to Ventura domain which was originally built without any problem from a different connection.

So basically my problem is just to load content of Ventura, and any other HiFi domain, from this new PC connected via ethernet to a different network from mine.


If this is the full description of your issue, then I would point the finger at your bandwidth.

That’s my best guess. @b?

Also, insure that the Sandbox is not running on the same machine as interface.exe at the same time. In legacy terms, this was the “Stack-Manager”.


I see, thanks for your suggestion.


You’re welcome. Here is what I am asking about localhost.

I personally run Sandbox (Stack-Manager) and Interface on different physical computers.

I wanted to test a situation where you place content via ATP onto a physical machine in which you have Sandbox (Stack-Manager) and Interface running at the same time on the same machine.


because you’ll be able to access your own “domain” via typing in “localhost” to the HF Metaverse - teleport bar. (( should also work local-loopback ))

Ok, but I still don’t follow?

If you have assets on ATP on a computer that is then “shipping” those assets TO itself, then the Download / Upload should be irrelevant, and we can point the finger BACK to your original bandwidth problem.

Make sense? Try that.


ok I will give it a try, but the current situation is:

  1. Ventura and all the assets are stored on a server (stack-manager)
  2. I usually access to that content through hifi interface from different machines (2 laptops and 2 desktops)
  3. I’ve just bought a new desktop and installed hifi interface and connected the machine to a different network/router that I usually use.
  4. that machine seems to have problems to load content, while all the others, at the same time, run without any issue.

Your suggestion is more technical than my experience, so I will ask someone for help to implement it.


These are the 2 statements that matter the most. I have experience running domains in-house and am not sure ((outside of HF Devs)) anyone else does.

That being the case, I’d like to elaborate on your two statements. Because as I was mentioning, if you have a computer that is on the same physical network, then you will NOT incur bandwidth related issues. You shouldn’t right? It’s LAN at that point. The ice-server knows this. It writes it to the log. I promise. (standby and I’ll grab a shot of it from my access to hifi://open)

If you have now a DIFFERENT computer that is on a DIFFERENT physical LAN/WAN than it has no other option but to use the ice server to “find” your machine.

OH! I have a great idea! Let’s mod your host file! @Richardus.Raymaker recommended that when I was having loopback issues also. Um, can you tell me what OS you’re running on all the machines? I think we might be able to rule out certain things. If we mod your host file on the Interface.exe machine even with it on a different box we could tell it to go to the machine that is hosted via your local gateway or something.

This is a fun problem. I’d be very interested to get @b in here later today.