Issue with Custom Avatar Eye "Bones"


I rather not use or rely on a 3rd party service provider for creating the proper rigs for the character models in HF. So I have been doing everything manually to learn the requirements (process is simply something aquired by use of blender), and eventually create a tutorial / improved documentation on these requirements…

However A new brickwall I’ve come across is eyes and lookat:

One of the eyes is not affected, while one of the eyes is only constrained to a single axis (will not look left or right when debug look at is applied). Basically the Avatar’s Left Eye rotates up and down

What are the requirements for Eye Joints to have them work properly with HF’s LookAt system?

Currently my joints for the eyes are mirrored and point towards -Y

I used the interface packager to generate a fst file.

joint = jointHead = Head
joint = jointEyeLeft = ORG-eye-left
joint = jointEyeRight = ORG-eye-right
joint = jointNeck = ORG-Neck
jointIndex = Base = 2
jointIndex = ORG-Head = 4
jointIndex = Armature = 1
jointIndex = ORG-eye-right = 5
jointIndex = ORG-eye-left = 6
jointIndex = Head = 0
jointIndex = ORG-Neck = 3

Anyone have any ideas how to solve this or if I am missing something


i think the eye bones go in vertically and twist on that axis. Its worth downloading maybe the ron head and having alook at how they did it on the public server.
remeber good artists copy , great artists steal


Should have thought of that. Heh.

In anycase, for history sake I solved this after Opening up Smith model (only model that i could open in blender)
I noticed that the Armatures for eyes actually point towards +z axis (I have no idea why, it seems odd).

After I did this tiny change, I got the rotations on both eyes to work as they should. This is probably something to do with the FBX transforms.


in new blender when u import a fbx from maya check manual orientation, or the rig explodes