Issue with eyelashes from Adobe Fuse



I have made a couple characters in Adobe Fuse, Rigged in Mixamo, and saved as FBX and FST avatar.

However, the eyelashes show up without Alpha Channel or transparency making it look like big solid eyelashes.

Attached are 2 screencaptures. I think I read something about this before, what should I do? I saw there was a way to create the character without Eyelashes but I thought it looked weird.




You have at least 2 options:
-Edit in Blender and have lot of fun.
-Use this fbx converter to replug the transparency as it should for HF:


Hey, thank you so much! Do you know anything about how I can control the mouth synced to a long voice over .wav? Trying to figure out the easiest way to use the Fuse and Mixamo FBX mouth rigs with High Fidelity, and hope I dont have to hand animate the mouth in Maya. Thanks!


You mean a character that is interactive with the user ?


No, a NPC that has to deliver a several minute long speech. I have to use Motions from Mixamo such as hand waving in the air while talking, and then make the FBX mouth move in sync to an audio voice over. I have to figure out the easiest way to do this as soon as possible for our project, and my friend suggested Iclone, but I dont know if that will play well with the Mixamo Mouth Rigs, which work great on Avatars, but are there other ways I can control those mouth bones on NPC inside High Fidelity? Or what is my best option? Thanks!


Maybe you can try to record your avatar in HF. It would be a lot more easy. (I see one interesting example on the domain VRTV)

You can do this using the Recording Application that is free on the marketplace.


Thanks, does it only render a video, or can it capture an Avatar’s movements and voice, that can play back on the 3d mesh? Is it capturing 3d data, etc. or just a video clip? thanks!


It records Voice, Avatar movement and Avatar URL.
When you play it, you get an instance of your avatar acting in-world in font of you.



Thank you @Alezia.Kurdis! Doing good so far. and I have gotten my model into Iclone, trying to get a lipsync to an audio track still, and then back to HF hopefully!