Issue with importing Head Model from Blender


Been experimenting a bit recently with a workflow to import a model from Blender (2.74) and I keep bumping into an odd issue that is not explained by incorrect normal Mapping:

I have a rigged model, which I´ve used to experimented with various VR platforms. For this experiment I started with only the head:
Today I successfully imported it with (some of my) blendshapes to the Interface, however I have an issue:

Some of the faces are completely missing, even though the normals on the model it self are correct in blender.

(and if they were facing the wrong direction, i should be able to see them if id look through the jaw.

My export settings are the following:

The only difference I have from everyone else is the fact that I am not using faceshift as the middleware. (so I export as Binary from Blender Directly)

Is this a bug with Blender’s FBX (7.4 Binary) script when exporting in Binary? Or is there something else i might have missed? Im thinking it might be something to do with the non manifolds, but those parts seem to be rendering just fine.


Okay, i figured this out after trying seeing the bug in a separate computer…
It was caused by my custom armature grabbing the components they had control over and resizing those to 0.
My Machine simply made them vanish, but on the other computer there was a clear “vanishinpoint” for these vertices.