Issues Assigning Texture to Objects


Textures dont seem to work for me. Ive uploaded a texture in a few formats, .tga, .png, but when i paste the URL in the texture field in the entity properties nothing happens.

I checked the docs and it says to embed the texture into the model. Does that mean assign the texture before exporting in fbx?

I see alot of screenshots of models with textures on them so i know it should work but i cant figure it out for some reason.


This is a bit up in the air for setting via script:
However textures tend to be uploaded relative to file model (in file structure) or bundled within the model when exporting to fbx

For example with relative paths
Then you got texture s at

You can also use the HiFi packager to fetch all the textures to a single folder. And upload it as a whole package For the model and then use the fst model as the file you add to hifi

I’ll try to get into more detail once I get off from work.

Beta Release 39

Awesome thanks :smile:


So more details:

For now: you apply the textures to the materials in your 3D suite of choose. Just to keep processes simpler, make sure to the textures are relative to your model as I described earlier

For example with relative paths
Then you got texture s at

So that everything when you upload is relative to the model.

However If you happen to have your textures -all-over-the-place, then you
You can also use the interface client it self to bundle models and texture to this sort of directory.

And then this will fetch the model and all the textures referenced in the model into a folder structure. It creates and fst file which overrides your fbx file to use the relative file system. (as far as I know)

Dunno why it creates the joint info thought as those are not present in the file

Anyway, uploading the fst file and the folder it creates to your server, and then using the fst file works. If you didnt do the packaging then remember to upload all the files related to the model in the same relative structure.

Hopefully that helps :smiley: