Issues with Interface builds 3741+


Windows 7.1 64 Bit

Interface 3741 all is well.

3742 Skybox image becomes smeared.



From 3743 to 3747 Compound shapes for mesh objects do not reliably load. One run you get some, restart you get others but not ones you got before and only once in 30 attempts did all load. Prior to 3743 in hundreds of interface loads I never once had a compound shape fail to load. And, no, it’s not that I didn’t notice before - the only reason I’m loading interface is to test dozens upon dozens of compound shapes by bumping into them.

Also seeing same on latest Mac OS Builds - Smeared skybox texture and random failures to present compound shapes. Reverting to older build on either platform returns normal function.


Build 3736 and beyond - Upload asset to ATP server results in program crash. I don’t have anything older than 3736 on hand to find where this broke, but it isn’t far before 3736 as I was successfully uploading ATP based assets 24 hours ago - lots of them.


Changed all models to serve via http instead of ATP and that makes no difference to compound shape failures. (not that I suspected it would)


Can you send me a link to one of your URL compound shapes? I will try it. I have some other compound shapes on Sandbox that are not crashing.


3762 Seems to fix this - more testing required, but early results look promising.