Issues with Interface Logging In


Hello All.

The past 4-5 release of Interface seems to have issues. I am not certain if this is current, however. After an update to Interface about a month ago, Bit Defender identified malware living in a file Interface was trying to pull in from a S3 bucket. Incidentally, Stack Manager tried, also, to pull down a different, malware-infected file. But back to Interface…

Since that attempt, which Bit Defender blocked successfully, Interface is loading with for DNS lookups. I enter my uid and password into Interface, and “Authenticating” spins and spins, and spins. Today I downloaded the latest binary for Win7. I am able to authenticate now, however no scripts load. So I have double-clicked defaultScripts.js and more happens - other people show up on radar. I am standing high above the atmosphere and cannot move using WASD nor E and C.

This is the best experience I’ve had with the last 4-5 releases. Anyone else able to break out of this scenario?