Issues with using ambient URLs in zones


I am having a problem with using ambient maps with zones when using a HMD (Vive in my case). This may be related to an old problem that we saw when PBR stuff was first introduced months ago.

The screen shot is from a build I am doing and shows a reflection of the blue bathroom stall in the broken mirror at left center. When in desktop mode it all works as expected. The ambient map is reflected from the shiny stuff and is stable.

But when using the HMD it is not stable and I see it moving around. This is also very noticeable in the chrome faucets of the sinks and the tiles etc. This seems like this might be an easy thing to fix because it works well in desktop mode but just shows up when using the HMD, but I could be wrong.


Is that with shadows on?


actually… I don’t know. I will have to go check. But it is very apparent. The reflections move very much.


maybe that is the issue… desktop no shadows, HMD with shadows… I will check


I will have to deal with this tomorrow. so far: desktop shadows on/off don’t seem to be a problem… HMD is unknown right now.