It begins, verse wars. QoL improvement needed


Ive been keep an eye on all the subreddits related to virtual reality for a while now.

AltspaceVr and MetaworldVr seen going up on steam.
I feel like the only one talking about High Fidelity there, but even if i do it is only hints to it in related topics.

But now, the competition is heating up quite alot on socialVR metaverses, and HF is still in a very rough presentation shape for potential users.

Because of this, it has been hard to advertise it via social media. Are there more plans on how to stick out from the incomming flood? Hackathons arent going to cut it, publicity is needed, but even then we are in too rough condition.

The QoL needs work.

  • new users are still having issues with default scripts we get. (New user popped in yesterday having not have the default scripts loaded up)
  • Tighten confusing controls. Why is alt used to open menu and allow for camming? Why is esc used to cancel edit camera jump/pause. Why is inspect js camera position not persistant after alt is released (like ctrlalts script)
  • Edit shenanigans: how do I interact with the interface with my HMD and hand controllers. If i have HMD on do NOT move my camera to selected object. etc
  • HMD UI is too dependent on users main screen aspect ratio. I have a UWD and my UI elements require me to turn270 degrees from my mic status to see the edit button
  • Better, and optimized Introductionary area, with a loaded chat and nametags (attached ‘Hello my name is’) for non HMD users and hmd users alike. Users should be equal. And no chat is just too big change from the norm initially (seriously, it is a topic that will get reignited over and over again and drives people away.). Playa is too noisy for that. Ease people in instead, then funnel to the junkyard
  • auto cleaning sandbox. I see this place getting quite messy and after standing there for 2 hours my frames were affected by over 10k objects spawned at the origin. I cleaned that up manually.
  • distance culling: why am i loading objects that are no visible? Its affecting my frames.
  • LOD for entities: as a content creator having LOD control is quite important for content. Allow us to define LOD levels per model to optimize out scenes especially for complex models.


Menithal got already many points.

And some inwold editable terrain would improve things too. You have a better feel and idea with terrain that can be shaped. It’s really another thing i wait for before you really can start creating something. Almost done with my home, but i cannot create the right terrain and ambiance to use it at this moment. Something we did have in the past where good, especially the texture way.

No the current metavoxels are not good. Some sides on metavoxels not have faces/textures. Chnging textures is not working correct. No texture repeat option, so resize the metavoxel makes the texture more blurry. The edit functionlity is not complete and buggy / confusing.

Still puzzled how you can change incomplete software to beta stage… Some basic functionality still missing.


Adding to this. I just saw another new user just come in, try to grab various objects they saw around the sandbox (which werent grabbable, like the cups on the bar desk, the hammer, etc) and eventually just leave. The user in question was clearly using the HMD, and a controller, but they did not respond to any of my hails. (or atleast I assume he did, kept kneeling, or thats just from him pressing the esc button!) but they clearly were trying to grasp at things.

Eventually when he relogged, probably attempted to communicate but couldnt. This just highlights the need for a text communication system to fall back to introduce to some of the concepts. I tried to instruct him on how to fix the audio but to no avail. Eventually he just left.

The concept of grabbable and non grabbable should also be something introduced in the tutorial.


I have banged on and on about this theme till I sound like I’m trolling.
The people who come to look are the target audience.
I know they would prefer them to be a nice hipster looking gentleman with brogues ,beard and ink.
its just so unwelcoming compared to altspace vr…


It’s been a hard decision but I would like to do what I believe is the right thing to do. When my Rift arrives later in the week, I will open the Alpha Quintessance to all. No questions asked.

What you can expect:

• a VERY unpolished model with a broken (in places) physics hull
• an ocean shader that will make your GPU CRY OUT FOR MERCY
• a VERY basic Chat client that auto loads

I want to extend the olive branch. Don’t make me regret this decision…


Take lots of backups.

Regardless, how is that solving the issue of first impressions to a new user just comming into high fidelity?

QoL and new user experience should be priority so that we can make a good first impression and keep people in for the rest. Right now compared to anything else, High Fidelity looks murky on the surface but is miles deep, compared to any other VR metaverse concept out there…


Because the domain will show up in the list. Consider it a message in a bottle…
I’m not suggesting I have the best thing in High Fidelity, I’m suggesting it offers a default chat interface, on a 200 MB pipe serving assets. So, it will hopefully provide a good foundation for folks. Word will spread that the Alpha Quintessance will provide a chat on arrival.


Right now, if default scripts do not even load up in all cases, they dont even end up doing that.

What happens is that they will be in alpha. then take the first teleporter… which ends up in sandbox.


Default scripts loaded or not loaded is irrelevant for my chat script to function.


No you dont get it, without default script the domain list never shows up. They’ll never even find to get to your location.


So I can provide a warp point to the ship from the sandbox. If it gets wiped, popular demand will keep it in place. I get it. I really do. If HF truly refuses to host a chat script, then any domain offering one, will flourish. Better get on board with that concept. Pun fully intended. :smiley:


Good luck on that then, its a small chance, but still doesnt solve the main issue: The first impressions is still bad. Not everyone is going to explore places too far. Those who do, are already here.


Still need to implement a chat script. but not so many free available. So i do also notknow wich one to use.


If you read this in. Some straight way.

Wich surface ?


I think many banged about this, we just need basic chat system, also high fidelity need to expect most users are keyboard , mouse, and mabye a controller. HMD is far away from massive consumer usage. And i told it many times, expect it’s going to take years too.

And no terrain + water makes it hard to let people easy establish something.,I see mesh not as the big problem for high fidelity. Money is lower on the needed list then other things like terrain,water, chat script.


All aboard…



i Just finished work on my iceberg 10 hours a day 7 days a week
looks @AlphaVersionD 's ship this cant end well


Yup. but how do i get it on my domain ?


List of useable triggers for symbols in chat (until I can author a clickable interface)

{{fivehundredpx}} {{adjust}} {{adn}} {{aligncenter}} {{alignjustify}} {{alignleft}} {{alignright}} {{amazon}} {{ambulance}} {{anchor}} {{android}} {{angellist}} {{angledoubledown}} {{angledoubleleft}} {{angledoubleright}} {{angledoubleup}} {{angledown}} {{angleleft}} {{angleright}} {{angleup}} {{apple}} {{archive}} {{areachart}} {{arrowcircledown}} {{arrowcircleleft}} {{arrowcircleodown}} {{arrowcircleoleft}} {{arrowcircleoright}} {{arrowcircleoup}} {{arrowcircleup}} {{arrowdown}} {{arrowleft}} {{arrowright}} {{arrows}} {{arrowsalt}} {{arrowsh}} {{arrowsv}} {{arrowup}} {{asterisk}} {{at}} {{automobile}} {{backward}} {{balancescale}} {{ban}} {{bank}} {{barchart}} {{barcharto}} {{barcode}} {{bars}} {{battery0}} {{battery1}} {{battery2}} {{battery3}} {{battery4}} {{batteryempty}} {{batteryfull}} {{batteryhalf}} {{batteryquarter}} {{batterythreequarters}} {{bed}} {{beer}} {{behance}} {{behancesquare}} {{bell}} {{bello}} {{bellslash}} {{bellslasho}} {{bicycle}} {{binoculars}} {{birthdaycake}} {{bitbucket}} {{bitbucketsquare}} {{bitcoin}} {{blacktie}} {{bluetooth}} {{bluetoothb}} {{bold}} {{bolt}} {{bomb}} {{bookmark}} {{bookmarko}} {{briefcase}} {{btc}} {{bug}} {{building}} {{buildingo}} {{bullhorn}} {{bullseye}} {{bus}} {{buysellads}} {{cab}} {{calculator}} {{calendar}} {{calendarchecko}} {{calendarminuso}} {{calendaro}} {{calendarpluso}} {{calendartimeso}} {{camera}} {{cameraretro}} {{car}} {{caretdown}} {{caretleft}} {{caretright}} {{caretsquareodown}} {{caretsquareoleft}} {{caretsquareoright}} {{caretsquareoup}} {{caretup}} {{cartarrowdown}} {{cartplus}} {{cc}} {{ccamex}} {{ccdinersclub}} {{ccdiscover}} {{ccjcb}} {{ccmastercard}} {{ccpaypal}} {{ccstripe}} {{ccvisa}} {{certificate}} {{chain}} {{chainbroken}} {{check}} {{checkcircle}} {{checkcircleo}} {{checksquare}} {{checksquareo}} {{chevroncircledown}} {{chevroncircleleft}} {{chevroncircleright}} {{chevroncircleup}} {{chevrondown}} {{chevronleft}} {{chevronright}} {{chevronup}} {{child}} {{chrome}} {{circle}} {{circleo}} {{circleonotch}} {{circlethin}} {{clipboard}} {{clocko}} {{clone}} {{close}} {{clouddownload}} {{cloudupload}} {{cny}} {{code}} {{codefork}} {{codepen}} {{codiepie}} {{coffee}} {{cog}} {{cogs}} {{columns}} {{comment}} {{commenting}} {{commentingo}} {{commento}} {{commentsalt}} {{commentso}} {{compass}} {{compress}} {{connectdevelop}} {{contao}} {{copy}} {{copyright}} {{creativecommons}} {{creditcard}} {{creditcardalt}} {{crop}} {{crosshairs}} {{css3}} {{cube}} {{cubes}} {{cut}} {{cutlery}} {{dashboard}} {{dashcube}} {{database}} {{dedent}} {{delicious}} {{desktop}} {{deviantart}} {{diamond}} {{digg}} {{dollar}} {{dotcircleo}} {{download}} {{dribble}} {{dropbox}} {{drupal}} {{edge}} {{edit}} {{eject}} {{ellipsish}} {{ellipsisv}} {{empire}} {{envelopeo}} {{envelopesquare}} {{eraser}} {{eur}} {{euro}} {{exchange}} {{exclaimationcircle}} {{exclamation}} {{exclamationtriangle}} {{expand}} {{expeditedssl}} {{externallink}} {{externallinksquare}} {{eye}} {{eyedropper}} {{eyeslash}} {{facebook}} {{facebookf}} {{facebookoffical}} {{facebooksquare}} {{fastbackward}} {{fastforward}} {{fax}} {{feed}} {{femal}} {{fighterjet}} {{file}} {{filearchiveo}} {{fileaudioo}} {{filecodeo}} {{fileexcelo}} {{fileimageo}} {{filemovieo}} {{fileo}} {{filepdfo}} {{filephotoo}} {{filepictureo}} {{filepowerpointo}} {{fileso}} {{filesoundo}} {{filetext}} {{filetexto}} {{filevideoo}} {{filewordo}} {{filezipo}} {{film}} {{filter}} {{fire}} {{fireextinguisher}} {{firefox}} {{flag}} {{flagcheckered}} {{flago}} {{flash}} {{flask}} {{flickr}} {{floppyo}} {{folder}} {{foldero}} {{folderopen}} {{folderopeno}} {{font}} {{fonticons}} {{fortawesome}} {{forumbee}} {{forward}} {{foursquare}} {{frowno}} {{futbolo}} {{gamepad}} {{gavel}} {{gbp}} {{ge}} {{gear}} {{gears}} {{genderless}} {{getpocket}} {{gg}} {{ggcircle}} {{gift}} {{git}} {{github}} {{githubalt}} {{githubsquare}} {{gitsquare}} {{gittip}} {{glass}} {{globe}} {{google}} {{googleplus}} {{googleplussquare}} {{googlewallet}} {{graduationcap}} {{gratipay}} {{group}} {{hackernews}} {{handgrabo}} {{handlizardo}} {{handodown}} {{handoleft}} {{handoright}} {{handoup}} {{handpapero}} {{handpeaceo}} {{handpointero}} {{handrocko}} {{handscissorso}} {{handspocko}} {{handstopo}} {{hashtag}} {{hddo}} {{header}} {{headphones}} {{heart}} {{heartbeat}} {{hearto}} {{history}} {{home}} {{hospitalo}} {{hotel}} {{hourglass}} {{hourglass1}} {{hourglass2}} {{hourglass3}} {{hourglassend}} {{hourglasshalf}} {{hourglasso}} {{hourglassstart}} {{houzz}} {{hsquare}} {{html5}} {{icursor}} {{ils}} {{image}} {{inbox}} {{indent}} {{industry}} {{info}} {{infocircle}} {{inr}} {{instagram}} {{institution}} {{internetexplorer}} {{intersex}} {{italic}} {{joomia}} {{jpy}} {{jsfiddle}} {{key}} {{keyboardo}} {{krw}} {{language}} {{laptop}} {{lastfm}} {{lastfmsquare}} {{leaf}} {{leanpub}} {{legal}} {{lemono}} {{leveldown}} {{levelup}} {{lifebouy}} {{lifebuoy}} {{lifering}} {{lifesaver}} {{lightbulbo}} {{linechart}} {{link}} {{linkedin}} 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{{paypal}} {{pencil}} {{pencilsquare}} {{pencilsquareo}} {{percent}} {{phone}} {{phonesquare}} {{photo}} {{pictureo}} {{piechart}} {{piedpiper}} {{piedpiperalt}} {{pinterest}} {{pinterestp}} {{pinterestsquare}} {{plane}} {{play}} {{playcircle}} {{playcircleo}} {{plug}} {{plus}} {{pluscircle}} {{plussquare}} {{plussquareo}} {{poweroff}} {{print}} {{producthunt}} {{puzzlepiece}} {{qq}} {{qrcode}} {{questioncircle}} {{questioon}} {{quoteleft}} {{quoteright}} {{ra}} {{random}} {{rebel}} {{recycle}} {{reddit}} {{redditalien}} {{redditsquare}} {{refresh}} {{registered}} {{remove}} {{renren}} {{reorder}} {{repeat}} {{reply}} {{replyall}} {{retweet}} {{rmb}} {{road}} {{rocket}} {{rotateleft}} {{rotateright}} {{rouble}} {{rss}} {{rsssquare}} {{rub}} {{ruble}} {{rupee}} {{safari}} {{save}} {{scissors}} {{scribd}} {{search}} {{searchminus}} {{searchplus}} {{sellsy}} {{send}} {{sendo}} {{server}} {{share}} {{sharealt}} {{sharealtsquare}} {{sharesquare}} {{sharesquareo}} {{shekel}} {{sheqel}} 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It’s been in my mind for a while that the HF crew are not getting the concept of MVP. If you pop into AltSpace VR, it looks real pretty, you can navigate easily, you can meet & greet, all the basic stuff, but the rest is very minimal and unsexy. The initial experience is quite positive, even without HMD. From a solid but minimal start, incremental development according to natural demand is possible. I dunno, I’m just an interested amateur.