It's dark around here! (problem traced to likely be user platform)


After a long hiatus, I am getting back into HF.
How do I get some light in my world?
Hopefully this is something simple I missed!


I’ve heard rumors about problems with zones without skybox textures. Another thing I might try is changing ambient value in the zone and light values etc.

But, hey… looks good for a dark night!


I’m just using the default skybox. No zones.

I tried playing with zones, but no real improvement. I can get a slight brightening by setting the ambient intensity up around 4 but at the expense of turning everything cyan/blue (keylight is strait 255/255/255).


Did you try this procedural skybox? The sun rises and sets. You have to provide a texture even if the texture is not used in the skybox. There is a bug that makes the skybox appear very dark or black if the texture is not supplied.


Could it be a PBS thing?

My materials (from Blender’s perspective) are set to:

  • Difuse between 0.8 and 1.0 (HF=Albedo - the basic colour [which is white, medium grey, or dark green for varying materials]?)
  • Intensity to 0.5 (HF=Metalic?)
  • Hardness to 1 for 3 of the materials used and 512 for the other (HF=Smoothness?)
    These are flat materials, not textures. The colours are present in HF, just everything is very very dark!

The materials I am trying to get are:
Shiny white: snow.
Flat medium grey: bare rock.
Flat white: sand.
Flat dark green: vegetation.


None of the sky boxes on the marketplace seemed to do anything except turn everything flat black silhouette. :frowning:

Here is the scene with “Day / Night skybox with stars and sun”:

The two narrow black vertical lines are my legs. The hump next to them is a distant island, most of which is under the non-rendered (semi-transparent) water mesh. The blue shown is not the water but the ‘sky’ below the horizon.


Intensity aka Metallic is mapped as binary 0 or 1. Whatever value you use is rounded to 0 or 1, so set it to 0. See if that helps. More on this here:


Re-jigging the Metallic (specular intensity for Blender) didn’t have any effect, I’m affraid.

Interestingly, turning off shadows did this:

The brightness is what is expected but - other than a brief flash of correct colour immediately after asset-load, there is no colour (a good chunk of that white should be green).

My ocean (which I never touched, colour wise) seems about right though:


Just adjusted my ocean for PBR and the colour disappeared on me. I am definitely doing something wrong here but might be able to backtrack from here to find out where!


Nope, can’t work it out. I’d try to log into another domain, but HF is refusing to let me log in from interface :frowning: - even after multiple (claimed successful) password resets. (Can log in fine via web browser, just not Interface, which claims “Username or password not correct”).

I don’t think it is a PBR issue afterall, there simply is no light in the sky! Here is a generic cube rendered strait out of the edit bar:


Just pulled in MESA 13.02 from Debian/Unstable and things are looking better*

*for certain values of better! :slight_smile:

My avatar is rendering properly-colored in the main view (a bit odd in the mirror still)
The terrain object is at least now visible. This is, in fact ‘beta-acceptable’ to me. It doesn’t look perfect yet, but it is quite usable to me now!

Aside: I am loving the mesh-collision physics addition. Great job devs!


Looks like an issue on my end (namely the MESA+OSS-Radeon drivers).

I have now played with a zone and lighting. Below is the scene with ambient lighting turned right off (which fixes the odd coloration on both the scene and my avatar in the mirror) and Light Intensity turned up to 4 (which fixes the terrain but washes out my avatar reflection somewhat). Again, quite adequate for my current purposes - which is testing the scale of things before I commit to a final build design.

FYI, the back of the mountain range you see there is 8km off (though I won’t be putting any ‘visiting spots’ more than 4km from origin). Ground resolution is 64m triangles. It is looking a lot better than I had expected at that ground resolution, to be honest!

The dip just left of my head is a 4km-out canyon that needs to be tightened up considerably since I subdivided down from a 256m ground resolution!

Ground mesh FBX comes in at 3.7G and a tad over 100k triangles, which from what I have read around here is quite reasonable (numbers like 500k-triangles for ground mesh was recommended as a maximum by someone IIRC). The plan is to overlay more detailed terrain+features at key points and let distance-culling take care of them to suit the user’s system capabilities.

Here is what the terrain looks like in blender (16km diameter circle of - from above - equilateral triangles):


Flattened the hills 50%, expanded the snow-fields, and fixed the canyon. Lookin gooooood! :sunglasses: