It's me ? Or is duplicating object in hifi


It’s me ? Or is duplicating object in high fidelity so difficult if you want todo it in one direction. Here you need to press alt and move the mouse. But Alt+shift+mouse seems to fail for me. It’s moving in some direction but never the one i want.

Lack of X and Z arrow mabye ?


no its really difficult, everything shakes when you alt drag


This shaking issue isnt happening for me anymore for a little while now, duplicating is a breeze, alt/drag, but the alt/drag by the up arrow makes the camera step out of edit on release and returns to avatar focus even though you’re in edit mode.

@Richardus.Raymaker I never use the shift key in duplicating, just the alt. Using Shift/Alt causes all kinds of wierdness.


But i need alt-shift to duplicate or drag in one direction. it worked a bit in the past. mabye it’s broken. with only duplicate with alt is a disaster. The build yool anyway need a big rewrite i think to be more userfriendly with mouse. Not have handcontroller’s so not sure how it works with that.