[[Japanese Console]] Balance Board confirmed functional with Interface


Hi folks!

I was doing some lunchtime experimentation and decided it was time to dust off my [[Japanese Console]] Balance Board. I have confirmed that the [[Japanese Console]] Balance Board is functional as an input device in Windows, and is thereby plug and play with Interface!!!

So, Do YOU own a [[Japanese Console]] Balance Board? Would you like a tutorial on how to set it up?


I’m trying to get sensor data from the [[Japanese Console]] Mote + Nanchck (nunchuck?) to operate more closely to a Razer Hydra! Wish me luck.


i have no idea what one is but i need one more than life itself


This is why it matters:


If you don’t have a Razer Hydra and are willing to sacrifice dual limb control until VR is more affordable and mainstream, try getting some [[Japanese Console]] Bluetooth-enabled gear; it’s cheap, easy, and pretty rugged ((read built-for-children))

Think about it; with a balance board, a gun attachment, and a VR headset, I can look around and move around and shoot around without EVER touching a keyboard OR mouse. Allow the brain juices to marinade on that for a bit. :wink:


I’ve now reprogrammed the ‘A’ button to the ‘Spacebar’ key and the gun will shoot as expected. What I WASN’T prepared for is the fact that aiming is not DECOUPLED from the view. Meaning, in order to aim your gun, you must effectively LOOK directly at your target. This is how normal FPS operate. Camera Ray == Aim Ray. However you must DECOUPLE this in order to look in one direction and fire your gun in a different direction. @chris I have not yet read the new releases involving Control.* for .js Is decoupling part of that release?

Final thought: Yes, I could tell the gun to control the viewpoint camera… but then; why wear a VR headset? So, I could have two versions of this:

  1. Version for non-VR, non-HMD users (wiimote controls the camera)
  2. Version for users of VR HMDs (wiimote controls the gunsight only, HMD already updates camera)