Javascript Office Hours 8/3/2016 11AM


Hey friends,

I will be hosting some office hours at @AlphaVersionD’s place over the next couple of weeks to talk about all things javascript and High Fidelity!

The first one is tomorrow and will take place at 11AM PDT at hifi://open/-131,-12,-128 – the weekly event is on the Event Calendar.

I love JS!! My javascript background is as a full stack engineer, with some specialization in webGL. I’ve worked in lots of different javascript environments: desktop and mobile browsers of all kinds, Smart TVs, embedded fully inside of iOS and Android apps, etc.

High Fidelity’s JS environment definitely has some quirks, some of which are related to running in a distributed environment. But with great power comes great responsibility – the whole world really is wide open to your code.

I’m happy to talk both generally about patterns that work / don’t work, or specifically about things that I’ve built: bow & arrow, whiteboard, ping pong gun, xylophone, ‘Home’ content, doppelganger, etc. Or features like Haptics, Controllers, Sound, etc.

I’d also love to see what you’ve been working on! Bring your works in progress,errors &all, and we’ll see if we can’t sort them out together :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you in world!

James P.

Developer Office Hours

Really looking forward to this, much appreciated! Hope I can make it today.


Wish I could make it today! I’ll try to attend later meetings. Thanks for your time and help.


We were tossing the idea around about doing different times.

I don’t know what fits best with folks, so I think for @james_hifi it was more convenient to do during West-Coast business hours; but there is no reason we couldn’t offer additional times or recitations.

If you have specific questions, you can ask them here. If you’d like a more introductory session (as others might as well) then please recommend a day and time that works for you and I will intend to lead it. (with additional help from other JS_Heavy Alphas)

Thanks for your interest!


I would love an evening time (PDT) since I’ll be at my day job during the current time. It’s tough to cater to everyone though since we are scattered across the world :slight_smile:

Would capturing these sessions for later viewing be possible?


I was having audio issues with Win10 on OBS via High Fi, but I can certainly take a crack at it.


Couldn’t get the audio to work for a proper recording. :frowning:
Big thank you to @james_hifi and Zach for attending as well as all of our attendees.

I would like to conduct a “Learning Javascript” meeting that will be hosted at the same place, but the day and time will be determined in the near future. I’m ballparking Monday’s at 6pm PDT as this would be 9pm EDT. Thoughts? This intro meeting will be used to answer very basic questions for the true programmer rookies. Some of the topics covered were Intermediate in nature and are best discussed in their own meeting.

takeaways from the meeting

  • The Script Editor inside Interface shouldn’t be used for hardcore development. Use a text editor.
  • James will provide a few basic HTML 5 examples for users wanting to make UI outside of QML.
  • Prototypes cannot be called from outside Entities to “inherit”.
  • A new time of 7pm PDT was proposed by James but 11am PDT is still valid until otherwise stated. This would help anyone with higher-level questions to reserve them from the 6pm PDT meetup and carry them to the 7pm PDT meetup.

The meeting ran 1.5 hours but unfortunately I wasn’t able to document much else.


Thanks for hosting again, was very useful, on GMT timezone 11am is pretty ideal.


Really pumped to hear ya’ll are doing this! I’ve got a little web dev knowledge but professionally I do QA and some automation.

I’ll definitely be up for both beginner and office hours as soon as I get my windows box built. Hopefully sometime next week. Thanks!


Yikes. Some of us do work (and not at HF :wink: ), so the time of this meeting is not great. 2PM would even work better.


Unfortunately I already have two other regular and semi-regular virtual-world events that overlap with Mondays at 6pm PT / 9pm ET, though one of those is on hold till probably September. I’d like to attend, but it’d have to be some other night of the week. Wednesdays at that same time of day wouldn’t work either, for similar reasons.


@james_hifi Regarding the problem I had with the sit script discussed during the meeting.
I became more convinced that it was something I was doing wrong on my end.

I think I might have figured it out myself now! :bulb:
I put further print lines in as suggested and noticed my animationStateHandleID was increasing by one when I was getting locked up.

It seems I was not putting enough conditions to stop the state creation happening more than once before completing sitting. This would lead to it not cleaning up correctly when standing on occasion, It could be that trivial. :disappointed_relieved:
I’ll see if I can break it still.


i’m online now at hifi://welcome if anyone has questions! :slight_smile:


that was great! here’s a bullet list of what we talked about.

  • new avatar locator script, possibilty of adding a range finder

  • saw a procedural tail. needs help with rotations. here’s the script


Personally, I’d love this

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