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More stuff to drive us nuts…




While not directly Hifi fidelity related (since you cant use the resulting models), this one just reinforces the reason why I want custom Blendershapes / keyshapes / morph targets to be supported in High Fidelity


When I get around to it I want to work with this to get it to a place where I can attach the HiFi skeleton and export it to fbx. It uses gl in three.js so we have an application and language we can mold to our will. It would be great if we could use the HiFi interface as the viewport. Makehuman.js is an AGPL license so the resulting product would be something I would offer freely.

I’m currently preparing for a certification so I don’t have time to work on it but once I’m finished I will dive into this.


No export for the resulting shape? :frowning:


Not yet… There currently is no FBX exporter in Javascript so I will have to look at the Python code and try to write it myself… A WebGL or Obj file exporter is already supported in Javascript.


An obj can be interesting to allow editing-export via Blender and then the usual fbx stuff…


True but I don’t believe the skeleton would be of any use… in that matter DAE is also an available option and most everything would be available to import into Blender. My goal is to have one product needed to create an avatar for HiFi but it doesn’t need to be exclusively used that way.


Yes you’re right :slight_smile: keep on with this huge work. I know how it is difficult to program such integrations …