Jess PIN the Calendar somewhere


Hey @Jess, as newcomers arrive it will be pretty critical to grab their attention on the forums if they show up here. I know that there isn’t much ON the calendar right now; but if a new user shows up here and never knows about the calendar… well I think you get the point.

I’m asking, not forcibly telling, is there is a way in Discourse to FORCE the Calendar to be shown on arrival, and for it to appear somewhere on the page for folks like me that have been here awhile?

Can I adjust that via a preference? I know I can bookmark it, and that’s swell, but it would be better if it just showed up in similar fashion to a ‘dashboard’ feature.

So how 'bout it?

Let us know.

Thanks in advance, your pal,

-the pawn.


Funny thing it is pinned.

What however is needed is more visibility to the fact that it is pinned, perhaps even in the main page!


It need to be pinned. ALways on tope of all topics.
Especially in the “Latest” section. because i only have that page open.


It is pinned:

Its just not at the top of the page after you have read it. and the visibility goes down if you have looked at it once.

If you are not logged in, it stays at the top of the list.

What needs to be improved is its visiblity to other topics, and have it also visible in the main page


As noted by others above, it is “PINNED”. :slight_smile:

Discourse recently changed the layout of the front page, which removed all visibility from pinned topics. It is a source of great irritation, and I have been looking into solutions.

The eventual goal is to have this calendar positioned more prominently on the main High Fidelity site.