Join_L_Hand vs. Joint_L_Wrist


Are Joint_L_Hand and Joint_L_Wrist erroneously swapped n the diagram down the bottom of the following page?


Yeah, looks like it. Which might explain why avatars with hydras hand motions look quite off.


Yes, no, maybe! The main skeletal diagram has hand exactly where I’m used to seeing hand on such models.

However the more detailed hand diagram does seem to place wrist in a funny place. Although the extra detail for those sort of joints is a new concept to me.

I’m not sure if that’s an error or an odd choice of naming convention to try and keep hand where people would expect to see it on models.


This is the ron standing rig, it has no wrist joint

Goes back to standard rant that we could use a standard human rig.
The wiki rig also uses capitals in some places and not others.

I don’t care which rig we use, but i do think if were developing bipeds we should all be using the same one.
You sounded like your rig of preference is the Mixamo one?


I’m doing some scripting and am wondering whether it’s:
(a) A typo in the document,
(b) Something more serious that needs to be fixed, or
© The way it’s actually intended to be!


Andrew Meadows determined yesterday that it is indeed a typo: joint_L_wrist and joint_L_hand are where you would actually expect them to be, i.e., swap the labels in the diagram.

The new location for the wiki page is :