Join us on the road to a billion people in VR!


Hi all,

We have a goal of breaking the record for most people in VR (in a single domain) at once. To do that, we’re running events on the first Friday of each month, with the first one being tomorrow, July 6, 2018.

Do us a favor and help us pack this thing? Please RSVP to get yourself on the guest list (free). We’ll be giving out Amazon gift cards to sweeten the deal.

Signup and details are right this way:

This event is open to everyone, not just folks with HMDs. :slight_smile:


5$ amazon voucher, if everone shows up what u got there is a 5 billion dollar give away
awsome im so there

grr i wont let me do under5$ cos im in the uk somone find what u can get for $5


Just registrated. Just because i like to see old people back and let’s go above the 160 people we got with the last test i where in. the clock is also acceptable that i make exception.


Not sure how it is for Amazon UK, but the gift vouchers from the Amazon US store are not usable in Germany


heheh, on the Events app in the Viewer the posting says:
Up to 100 people // $10

100+ people // $15

200+ people // $20

1000+ people // $25
If we can’t use the Amazon gift card in Germany we can may donate they for a good cause


Oh. That would be bad. because i can only use It’s the only usefull amazon here for netherlands. And yes, i see that cards not work somewhere else.

So how do people outside usa use it ?


Mabye the can better donate the gift card as HFC money instead.


For sure, a Friday at that hour, it’s gonna be at least 850 millions on european. :slight_smile:


That would be nice, still waiting for the bank hours… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a friend that I registered through event brite, attended the event but didn’t receive the gift card. What should she do to reclaim it?



If you would, please have her get in touch with us via Thanks!


Double check your mailbox and spam filter. and look for a header like this.

Thank you for joining our July 6 load test. Claim your rewards.

I just found mine.


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