Joining things together Parenting


How to join things together in hifi not like marrage tho more in a building way. Not like building a relationship but like building a house. Um its like err Just watch the video and stop annoying me -.-

@ctrlaltdavid is it possible to make something where we can select a bunch of entities and parent them all at once?
It would be really useful when moving large groups of objects.


David script had ctrl P as the parenting hotkey if I remember right


@Judas Your wish is granted … in fact it’s already been fulfilled : )

To add and remove entities from your selection:

  • Ctrl-click to add/remove an entity.
  • Alt-click to select an entity plus its descendants.
  • Ctrl-Alt-click to add/remove an entity plus its descendants.
  • Shift-click to extend your selection to include all entities with positions inside the bounding box formed by the previous and clicked entities.

Similar selecting can be done in the entities list.

With a set of entities selected, you can then translate, rotate, scale, and duplicate them as a group (without needing to link them, though you can if you like). And you can cut, copy, paste them.

To link and unlink the selected entities:

  • Ctrl-N links selected entities into a parent child relationship with the parent being the first entity selected.
  • Ctrl-Shift-N unlinks all entities selected from their parents.

More details:


I must do a video on how to use your edit script to sate all the I can’t work the default editing tools people . everyone clicks the link sees a page full of code then panicks lol