Json userdata troubles


I want to improve my door, but now i get blocked by the changed json userdata sytsem.

  • I cannot copy json data anymore out of userdata
  • I cannot paste json data in the userfield anymore
  • The font is a bit tiny, but just works. (bigger would be better)
  • I cannot delete a row with json data
  • I cannot export json data or import it so i get a line like this. {“volume”:0.3,“reverse”:false}

Alse when trying to paste my json data, it got just one long line. and now i cannot delete it because there’s no horizontal scrollbar.

In other words, the new json system makes the userdata field pretty useless right now. Need to approch everything different until it’s fixt.

  • How can i get the Old userdata system back, that worked at least ! Or can this be fixt soon ?
  • How can i delete a line of json data ?
  • How can i import a complete set of json data from the properties window ?
  • How can i save a complete line of json data ?


If you click on 'Tree",

you can chose ‘Code’ and get

which you can edit.


Sometimes i feel so… uhmm ‘Noob’ still. :wink: That’s nice. Thanks.
I noticed other small thing. If you clear userdata. Things like triggered are not restored automatic after clear. So you need to add that back or code it in javascript.

This infor is good enough to work on it soon !


It’s not noob it’s that features get added but they don’t tell us about them .unless u read and understand every p.r you will miss this stuff. I saw one go past the other day
That looks like they are making the avatar More able to climb stairs


I hope it does not mean we can fall faster from stairs to…