Judas's Blender Lessons


I was just making some little bite sized tutorials I thought id share…
Making a seamless texture in blender.

Making a table using the mirror modifier in Blender



This is another way to paint seamless textures in Blender:

Also, Krita (open source), which is my preference:


Loves Krita, its funny that the last couple of photoshop updates were basically putting in stuff krita had for years the symmetry modes and brush smoothing.

B2.8 is still giving me the fear. Who needs to export textured models, skreeeammm i do


Don’t worry. It will be ok. 2.8 will have a way to do whatever you need. you can also keep a backup of 2.79 if something isn’t working in 2.8.


I look forward to your tutorial explaining how to export an animated textured fbx from 2.8 to hifi

was using it a while and much like myself its pretty but useless lol