Judas's Dumb S$%^ that we need


A thread for dumb ideas for things that we neeeeedd sorta kinda maybe

I wanna press down and forward and spin up like sonic the headghog

I want a table in the welcome area with eat me drink me bottles like in Alice in wonderland to go bigger and smaller

your turn

isnt suggesting the devs do this stuff, just maybe an interested coder who wants to kick hifi’s tyres to see how it works


If you know me, you know that I am NOT one of those people who says: “Oh, why can’t we have it like we did in SL.” High Fidelity is the future, the next step, not the look back.

That said. I want a vehicle system that even a scriptophobic me can make work. That can’t be hard to do. The one in this photo was done with a script and a notecard. It was based on the old SLRR script.


What high fidelity need, for already 2 tears. a normal build / place tool , interface for the desktop. Right now hifi is not fir creators. placing something hmd or desktop. a big disaster. and thats going on for a year of 2 now. still cannot move anything in normal sense or know what number to change.

Ignore the important things and you dig a hole. Not understand how people this days can do something with it.

It’s uber frustrating and hifi get cursing about something simple as placing or moving object. it just works for test. but serious make anything, forget it. precise placement impossible.

It’s really a shame if the fixed and improved the desktop build side one year ago high fidelity would not look so terrible today. Unless the ignore it in purpose for a reason. No not that people go make it.

Mabye the are just a tool for something else.


Yes, those tools can be ameliorated. But they are for now functional, at least we can build what we want with them. (for sure I can, maybe i’m alone)

Is it a disaster? Hum, that seems a bit exaggerated. I think it’s acceptable for a beta version.

The development bandwidth is not unlimited, I would prefer the investment being done on something more critical. My feeling is that it’s what they do.


I just had an amazing idea.

An umbrella that when you hold onto it and jump from high places allows you to glide down to the earth.


The reverse would be flapping your arms to fly.


I think a salt and pepper shaker would be super neat in there too. How are people eating their virtual chips without any bloody salt!


An object that branches in the following way:

  • pseudo-random seed (so the same tree is generated each time for this object - this would be a per-instance value, so you could instantiate copies of the same below data for a forest of trees and they would all be varied within the definition)

  • min-max branch_iterations (at least 1, since we have to have a trunk!) We will generate between min and max iterations (probably need a hard limit, say 6, to stop people making tree-themed decompression-data-bombs!)

  • sub-iteration_terminate_use_last_object_list - if TRUE, and a branch terminates before the end iteration (because 0 branches was defined as a min), use the branch-end object list from the final branch level.

for each branch iteration level:

  • min-max radius, radius of each branch in this level will be between min and max meters.
  • min-max length, length of each branch in this level will be between min and max meters.
  • material to use (color, texture). If empty use parent.
  • list of potential objects (eg leaves, fruit, beehive, coral polyp, lollipops!) and their probabilities of spawning at the branch end (this should include branches that are not end-branches - if the user doesn’t want that, just leave the list empty for intermediate levels)
  • min-max number of child branches to sprout, this branch will have between min and max shoots from its end.

(Underflow case: if less levels are defined than generated, use final defined level data)

Tree is drawn with branch-definition lines* scaled so tree fits within bounding box (which, amongst other things, would allow flat trees)

-* lines defining centers of branches, but not the 3D branches themselves, which remain unflattened hemisphere-ended-cylinders.

So… examples…

  • Iteration 1 - draw trunk, 1% chance place a ‘behive’ object at branch point. Sprout 2-4 branches.
  • Iteration 2 - draw branches. Sprout 2-4 sub branches.
  • Iteration 3 - draw smaller branches, 5% chance place a ‘fruit’ object at branch point. Sprout 4-8 branches.
  • Iteration 4 - draw smallest branches, 100% chance place ‘bunch of leaves’ object at branch end.

Pine tree:

  • Iteration 1 - draw trunk, 100% chance, place ‘big cone-shaped bunch of pine leaves’ on end. (this still allows you to vary the trunk length pseudo-randomly)

Possibly the tree object can make some of its data (eg: the seed value as well as the spawning branch data) available to the object it is spawning so that that object can then adjust itself too (in this example, the pine bush could scale itself a bit randomly).

Or… (demonstrate that “tree” doesn’t have to mean /that/ kind of tree!)…

  • Iteration 1 - draw trunk. Sprout 10-20 branches
  • Iteration 2 - draw branches. Sprout 10-20 branches
  • Iteration 3 - draw branches. 50% chance of red coral polyp, 25% chance of orange coral polyp, 25% chance of yellow coral polyp object.

Hmmmm. This could get quite elaborate!

I’m sure I have explained this as clear as mud!


I want wearable stills. That I can use to walk with my hand controllers
Oh and a pogo stick 2


This is what I envision happening when I bring up a market currency…


…so uh… how about a spendable currency? ::dodge:: ::duck ::



We need a shoe that can be thrown at people!


I wish a “snapshot 360”, generating “cubemap” format.

Such “cubemaps” I could use to set the AmbientUrl of a zone…
That would be useful for indoor scenes, where the reflection looks too much faked when it reflects only the sky that is outside. This way, you could use the snapshop of the place to use it as the reflection applied on glossy objects.


I know this isn’t HiFi Related but I created a macro that turns the word lenny to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). So now you can ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as much as you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) want without the need of finding ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)face on google and then copying the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)face text just to paste your ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)face into wheever you originally wanted to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)face.


Actually there’s been discussion into that subject. They are considering, but no update on it.


I miss when in the early days my avatar could slap people. I would like that to come back pls.


Oh you can still do that. just grab a cube and smack a person.


What we really need is throwable shoes!
You should be able to take off attachments. Oh I see we already have it, but maybe make it intentionally?


Carefull what you give for hints. :grinning:
After all the fox bombs people could take your hint. :smile::joy: