Jump to object with avatar


There used to be a way to jump to the model you had selected. Is this feature totally gone? Is there a way to still do this through a script of some sort?

Is there a way to select several models and to have them orient around the avatar’s current position?


That’s the ‘f’ key worked last time I tried it.

Next question… I don.t think so…


The f key?? Really? Is there anywhere that indicates that? How would somebody figure that out?


Pressing the F key does not perform this task.


F does work, select it in the object list , click outside on the world view, then hit f… works on windows 10.


That is odd. I have tried that repeatedly and it does not work on my end. I am on windows 7 though if that in any way matters


To be clear, I am not wanting the screen to jump to that object. I want my avatar to move to it. Are we talking about the same thing?


no, not same, ok thats it then


They used to have a warp to model option when you were editing. Not sure why they got rid of it


Yes it used to be a feature of the edit.js but seems to have been removed.
Yes you could write a script and make it work with some kind of button or menu item if you are of the scripting persuasion.
This one is really simple, I can offer the required lines in a quick and dirty little console script, open console under Edit Menu
Open a notepad or code editor and paste this line

MyAvatar.position = Entities.getEntityProperties("").position;

Select the item you want to TP to in the entity editor list, then open its properties tab.
Find the id: it looks something like this {8a002a26-68e3-4619-ae23-9f0595860227} but all different numbers.
Copy just the data, without the curly braces, and place it in the quotes of the script line like the example below.

MyAvatar.position = Entities.getEntityProperties("8a002a26-68e3-4619-ae23-9f0595860227").position;

Now just copy the whole line and paste it into your console and hit enter. You’re there, I mean right there on top of the entity so back up a bit to see it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks! You are the best