Just a quick post to say Yaay!


For a few months I had been trying to get AC sounds to work, I finally went on to other things because it would always break, first with stuttering sound and then no sound at all or crash of the domain.

Happy to say that now it seems to work! I’ve had one “waves and birds” sound playing on a domain for over 60 hours now with no problem. I’ve not updated the domain for more than two days now just to see if it would keep working but now I will go back to keeping it updated.

Something must have changed, it is still the same sound file, and same script (although named different).

I hope to have enough time to test out other AC scripts soon that I stopped using because they would stop running. But anyway, progress Yes!


For non-positional background sound, you might also consider just pushing the audio work to the client, bypassing the AC. I do this on Dreaming by having a QML dialog play the audio. My dialog is visible so people can pause or play the audio and control the volume, but it doesn’t have to be a visible dialog.


Yes, in some cases that is exactly what should be done but what I was trying to do was make positional sounds that would fade in and out depending on where the user was.

Is Dreaming open to public?.. I try not to click on ppls names to see if places are meant for visits


Yes, dreaming is open.


Thank you for showing me. For many uses (as in the fish and background sound), using QML seems to be a better choice, as it shifts things to the client side.

I hope the QML/.js connections can be done easily, Now all we need is some documentation… or at least some examples.