Just starting -- this is what my screen looks like o.O help!


So after installing, the interface didn’t want to load at all the first several times I tried. Just kept crashing. Now it’s finally loaded and let me connect, but this is what my screen looks like after going to the Bank of High Fidelity:

I use the arrow keys to rotate myself, it just looks as though I am SUPER ZOOMED IN on a textured sphere. I have tried all of the view modes and nothing seems to help, and I haven’t seen any forum posts like this. Is my viewer(client/browser/interface? not sure what you guys call it) borked? Do I need to change something?

Thanks if you can help.


Could be your graphic card is not up to specs.


If it s based on a low GPU you can enable in the Settings Advance and Developer then go to
Developer/Render/Maximum Texture Memory there you can chose your RAM.
A low bandwidth can let you stuck as well.

Or just go in View and change to Third Person.