KAT Walk mini - VR Locomotion


The future is bright…


How in heaven do you kneel or get close to the ground with this. How i see it you can never look close at things by knee and look at it or bend forward to look over the edge.


You can’t. The mid-section support is required because, with the special shoes, you are essentially running in place on a (near) friction-less surface. I have heard it provides an adequate approximation of natural walking/running, but still feels a bit odd until you get used to it.


In other words. This thing is limited in use ?
Most made for First person shooters, where you only stay.
Not for games where you like to have more movement freedom.

At the end, i think you need to have tried it before you know it. But still i like to get close to objects.


There are other prototypes from other brands that let you crouch. All the VR technology is pretty limited in use starting with the headsets, but they get better on each generation.


Yes. Until we all get neuro-canular links implanted, it is all a compromise between cost, bulk, and realism. The above solution is certainly not bad, and I do vaguely recall, as Kahiro_Watanabe mentioned, a version where the waist-strap can slide up and down on a rail to allow crouching (I probably still wouldn’t recommend jumping, unless you are comfortable doing so on an ice-like surface!)


:rofl: Noo, as long VR headsets are still wired i would not jump anyway…
And jumping moves headset position in face. :wink:


You can probably jump in one of these (last I heard they cost about $100,000 though. Ouch!):