Keep your HMD facial interface clean


Not sure this is known (or even the right board category), but because I use it and can truly recommend it, just want show you Vive and Rift users this accessory:

They offers different kind of covers, I actually use the washable cloth version right now, but ordered today the new slim version. Nice side effect is of the new version is, because the distance to the lenses get shorter, the FOV is a little bigger.


Yep, The new versions work nicely without damaging the foam on the headset. They are comfy. Only down side is that with the leather version, sweat will seriously be repelled and run down your face if it is warm enough. But it was really nice to use during the Demos I held.

Waiting on my Cloth versions now though.


Nice to see they designed the cover to be washable. I do prefer cloth to absorb the inevitable sweat. Great accessory.


I find washing my face every 2 or 3 weeks helps


Whether it needs it or not? :smiley: :smiley:


Rift was marketed in the past as being able to remove the “facial interface foam” but I have yet to see anything from the original manufacturer.


@menithal, wich one id you order ? This one ? I think i go order one to, mabye it create a bit more distane for the nose to.

Edit: Ordered just one myself. now it’s waiting around 1 month :\


This is a cloth, made of cotton I think. Its washable. I use them for 2 month now. It envelope your foam facial interface, but its thin and don’t influence the distance to the nose.


Shame, would be a nice fix. now i have the FOV a bit set away from my face. it removes the pressure on the nose. But it mabye makes the view a bit more influencable for unsharpness. But i think that’s more a problem of how my day is, it’s still pretty ok with the FOV 2 notches away from the face. I anyway did add soem soft material between the 2 glasses for the nose. It’s reallt the only design flaw on the HTC. Nose pressure.


You can remove the nose piece. It snaps off. The Vive was designed to let you mod it.


I know. but i do not think that solve the nose pressure. it now keeps my soft pad in place behind it.

Something i need to retest.
But not suprised if the edges of the glass are the pressure points.
It works for now, so not going to touch it.


Is going into business making them I got the first run of proto types back ready to have the holes cut in them


Oh, I think I understand now. The DK2 had two sets of lenses to accommodate people with very different vision. They did that because there was a problem in which some people had to push in the HMD very close to their eyes to stay in focus, so Oculus made a pair of B lenses to deal with that issue. Did the Vive come with alternate lenses?

It does have adjustments to move the entire unit away from your eyes (example halfway down this link):


U.S. armed forces use those to prevent scalp sores.


That is what i now did in the vive, the VOF i moved 2 steps away from my face. combined with some soft part that i have add between the lensen. No the lenses in the vive are not made for easy replacement, also someone need to invent a new one first then.


Like the CV1, Vive doesnt have alternative lenses. They are also not swappable.

You can only move them closer / separate from each other, and from your face.


@judas, you need the kind with “wings” that adhere more snugly to the HMD imho


My “HTC Vive VR Cover” is send out today. expect it in a few days. curious if @menithal is getting it soon to.


I already have the leather one from a month ago, still waiting fro the cotton one that was shipped last week. Been using it quite actively, as it keeps the foam non-soaked.


Ok, sounds stupid, just recieved the cover, unpacked it.
Scratching head, how do you mount it. to go the lazy way. you tube explsined it.