Keep your HMD facial interface clean


I did order the Leather / waterproof cover.
Recieved it today, well wish i did order that one straight at day one instead of the cotton overlay. The first test it seems to wear much more comfoy and seems not so itchy as the cotton. Real test is next meeting.


Only down side is that it gets sticky of sweat after long use time.

But After switching over to instead of the cover, it got easier to use coz the foam replacements doesnt keep sliding onto my eyeballs unlike to covers when I put mine on with my mods…


I would swear that i did order that. i need to triple check it. the package itself say waterproof. The look the same. Better sticky then itchy.

I need to be carefull , the velcro tape is lose at the top center botttom. Htc say call support. But then you mabye need to send it back. And repair companies. hmmm. Need to think. How is your velcro holding ?

Anyway wiping the leather and keep it clean musr work.


My Velcro been holding up quite well. And I been abusing it quite alot. (Nearly daily workouts with it)


I also use the memory foam pad, and for me it’s the best. Tried also the very thin pad, and the cottan thing. The thin pad is not working well, when you also have the dioptrin lenses inside. The memory foaming pad suits perfect. Btw, my velcro is holding up quite well, too. Just one time in summer, I remember it was a little bit lose, but after pressing it back, no problem again.


After HTC advise. am in contact with HTC. Need to contact back tomorrow.

If it start to gte lose at one place. it will get lose more at some point.


Thats probably something that one could fix with just super glue though, if carefully applied.


Could be, but there’s warranty on it. So first see what solution the come.