Keyboard movement oddity


Anyone else noticing that AV movement via Up Arrow key leads to forward and upward motion while Down Arrow leads to backward and downward motion? Same result also using W and S keys. This seems new as I hadn’t noticed it prior to today (Jan 21) Tested with all scripts disabled to be sure it wasn’t a script issue.


Ok… either something is screwed up on my system of it’s done this as far back as I have old builds for (1662 Windows) as it shows forward and upward movement on W or up arrow - backward and downward movement on S or down arrow. If this isn’t just me - I can’t see how I never noticed it before… maybe I’m moving more since I started expanding my builds.

If anyone else sees the behavior please reply. Thanks!


Thanks to @ctrlaltdavid this has been solved. My movement vectors had been changed due to having had lookatwithmouse.js on then off leaving me in a… misaligned configuration. Reset sensors fixed, but - why would something like this persist beyond a single run instance? Shouldn’t the sensors be reset or something each startup? Seems something destined to cause grief and support issues. Heads up for @chris in case you’d like to pass this on.


Hi OmegaHeron
I am having the same issue as you. I read your post but dont know how to reset the sensors. If @ctrlaltdavid is reading this also perhaps one of you could be so kind to get back to me to help me reset the sensors. This is driving me mad though I am getting expert in the Moon Walk :wink: Thanks in advance !!


@Hope_Hope To reset sensors, press the single apostrophe key (normally located just to the left of the Enter key).