Kinect in High Fidelity?


A quick search reveals some Mac drivers for the Kinect, Synapse , OpenKinect, Are any of these supported, if so which do you recommend?


I have Two Kinects, a 360 and PC version, are these usable? Since i already have these in my cupboard, would be nice to know if i can get these to work with faceshift?


Yes I just got it all working, once u go through the training set up you just have to check network streaming . then in the hf interface developer- avatar options- faceshift, then you should be able to sit and pull faces all day :smile:

oh I’m using the xbox one with the power adapter I use to use it to do motion capture with brekel kinect


Ha yes i just got Faceshift working and its quite fun, freaky, but fun.


Hey, I also got the Kinect connected to the PC and Brekel works, but Faceshift doesn’t.
What do you mean with network streaming? Where do I have to enable it?


SydoxX- Network is a dropdown menu on the Tracking page. Just check the Network Streaming box and it should work immediately in HiFi


Got it to work. Thanks!


Anyone got the Kinect for Windows v2 Sensor yet? I see its been on sale about a month.

Any plans to update High Fidelity to work with the kinect v2 sensor?


I bought a used Kinect v1 (xbox 360) version recently, just waiting on the power adapter from China. Can’t wait to get it going. I imagine Kinect 2 support will be along if it’s not already working with the current Kinect support. I looked into the version 2, I saw a youtube video where the guy compares them side by side. The new one is alot better, higher resolution, can track further, and has only 1 camera on the unit. It uses an invisible laser to paint a grid on on the subject so the regular camera can detect depth without a separate depth camera. It’s really great, the one big drawback is that since Microsoft can’t sell Windows 8 on it’s own merits, they’re making it a requirement for any new hardware they releases including Kinect 2. Most likely people will eventually create drivers for Windows 7, but for now, 8 is a requirement for Kinect 2 unfortunately.


Another possible gotcha to watch out for is the licensing … The previous Kinect 's1.8 SDK license had limits on its usage which prevents it being used in products that support any other (optical?) “sensors” (e.g., LEAP springs to mind); the current Kinect 2 SDK is in beta and has a license only allows for internal evaluation and demonstration. Maybe the Kinect 2 SDK license will be looser than the 1.8 license, or maybe a 3rd party SDK could be used.


Yeah, I don’t know, or get it. Microsoft created the Kinect as a direct result of Nintendo’s wii controller. The Kinect was a major step up, and the hacker community hacked them onto pcs, and then created the sdk all on their own. The next thing you know, people are using Kinect for all sorts of cool stuff. When Microsoft caught wind of this, they realized the potential for Kinect sales, and stated that they were going to support it and even release an SDK. Why would they put limits on it’s usage? I honestly thought, cool, they get it, they can sell more units by supporting these unrealized other potential uses… so now out comes Kinect 2, it’s better, stronger, faster, already has the SDK developed by the creators, ready to go…

So, now you’re saying the licencing puts restrictions on usage? What am I missing here. Saying “no, you can’t use this because that product supports LEAP too” is on obvious (and futile) attempt to quash the competition by saying you can’t add Kinect support if it contains any other competing device support. To me, it’s obvious and ridiculous. Isn’t the idea to sell Kinect sensors??? I mean, if I were Microsoft, and I was looking to move as many Kinect sensors as possible, I’d have wide open licencing, and support for ever version of windows from XP on. I mean, if you look at the usage stats 25 percent of windows users are (still) using XP, and 50 percent are using Windows 7, still, Kinect 2 support requires Windows 8.1 on… a meager 12 percent of Windows users are even running 8. Another obvious attempt to force feed a product they can’t sell on it’s own merits to the public. Gee, if I want to play this game with Kinect on my computer I guess I’ll have to run out and upgrade to Windows 8… That’s like Apple saying you need to own a Mac to own an iPhone. If Apple did that, do you think people would buy more Macs? Heck no, they’d go elsewhere because they wouldn’t want to be strong armed into buying a product they don’t want (or need).

I mention the attempt is futile because the open source community will quickly fill any manufactured void Microsoft leaves, and it’ll been totally open source and license free. So, if MS want’s to continue to shoot themselves in the foot, so be it. I don’t own an XBox and I just recently have been researching controllers and I’m seeing other products, (like the Asus device) that are cheaper. The way I see it, MS is doing everything they can to limit sales and give the market to other companies. If I’m missing something here, please chime in and let me know.


It’s not just the Kinect, the whole depth camera product area is a bit strange. OpenNite’s license had a “PG-only” restriction when I looked some time ago. … See also:


So I’m violating TOS if I grab an avatar boob with a device using OpenNite’s drivers…lol


I was wondering about the Kinect given that after a conversation with the gents at PrioVR, I found out about the limitations on capturing motion that requires jumping and getting feet off the ground. My top choice would be to use Organic Motion, Open Stage 2, but given the price point, I wonder if I’d be able to achieve a something similar with one or two Kinects? Advice anyone?


To be honest, two Kinects can help with a lot of things, just look at videos by TrueBonesMotion on youtube showing how it works. Here is an example with two kinects getting break dancing and it did quite well.