Lack of quality content is holding back the adoption of virtual reality


Lack of quality content is holding back the adoption of virtual reality


“Mobile VR will grow
Nearly 9 of 10 respondents (89%) said VR and smartphone manufacturers will focus on developing mobile VR technologies in the next two years.”

“Smartphone VR is a critical first step for the industry. More focus on growing the entry level is required for the high-end to be successful.”

Too bad that won’t include HiFi.


Smrtphone VR is just a joke. and no i don’t have a useless smartphone. zbut VR in smartphone means for people something stupid like watching movies.

And how do you know hifi is not into that ? The are so far i know sloly working on android client.

It’s more the question when smartphone get usefull, and have enough cpu and gpu power for VR ?

But overall, smartphone still useless devce… for me.


I think using a smartphone for VR at all is a joke, but it seems like a lot of people don’t. I don’t even know why they call them phones anymore. The actual phone is the most low-tech piece of equipment on a smart"phone". I agree though… it will be a while before they are useful for VR, but that is what they are talking about in this article.

Even if hifi is working on a android client, doesn’t mean it will work very well. It is a virtual world where literally any newbie can upload assets.A smart phone will not be able to keep up. Also, if they are working on a android client then why have they given up on previous versions of opengl and only support the newest version?


Not sure, only dev can tell. But i think because old opebgl does not support the required functionality.


I would like to know exactly what functionality it is they need that previous versions of opengl didn’t have. It couldn’t be tessellation or compute shaders. I think it’s more of a case of “we need to only support the newest version so we look modern.”