Last Avatar Standing Contestant


‘Last Avatar Standing’ is a weekly, live trivia show held in High Fidelity.

Contestants stand in a large gameplay arena with four colored squares. The Game Master asks multiple choice questions with each possible answer corresponding to a colored square. Avatars are asked to move on to the colored square that matches their guess. Avatars on squares that have incorrect answers are teleported out of the gameplay arena and need to await a new round to play again.

The round ends, and the HFC prize awarded when there is only one remaining avatar standing in the gameplay arena.

Contestants need to available on September 12th at 11:00 am PDT. Desktop and HMD contestants welcome. More information, including domain location, will be communicated to accepted contestants.

Each accepted contestant will be paid 1000HFC for up to 1 hour of gameplay. Up to 100 contestants will be accepted. Contestants can win additional HFC during that hour for winning the trivia round. HFC is now convertible for US$. For more information on conversion go here

To apply for this job fill out this form


Sounds fun, would love to help but unfortunately the test is poorly timed for those of us with real world jobs…


Count me in :slight_smile:


This is me requesting a slot in next weeks Last Avatar Standing contest!


I filled in the form Friday night, when do we find out if we’ve been accepted or not?

Thanks, Martin.