Last Avatar Standing Trivia Contest Halloween Edition - Oct 31, 2018 some Flickr pics


Here’s the link to my latest batch of photos from the ever fun Last Avatar Standing Contest - Halloween edition. Feel free to use them however you’d like.

Again, Xaos Princess did another stellar job making it fun and lively for everyone. Thank-You Xaos! Even people like myself who uses pure luck to win a round - it’s just great hanging out with HiFi community at purely fun and imaginative events like this.


[quote=“Andrew23, post:1, topic:14952”]
Feel free to use them however you’d like
[/quote] well that sounds like a challenge :slight_smile:


That was awesome! Looks like everyone had allot of fun!


Oh - it was so much fun :purple_heart::black_joker::sunglasses:
Thank you all for being there!!
& Thank you @Andrew23 for the fantastic pictures!
We should get you a selfie stick for your very well earned winning streaks :wink:


OK Judas - 1. you can print them out and mail them out as cards to friends. 2. You can print them out in HiFi the size of a flying carpet and ride them around 3. you can use them to encourage others in social VR that HiFi has things to do that are great fun. 4. you can print them out and post them your walls to warm up your winter cottage with bright, colorful, cheery images - Thanks all got:grinning: