Leap motion and oculus


Just where searching for the leap motion, the sell a speciall kit for the oculus to mount the leap motion. Not sure if its intressting and working, offcorse doublesided type is cheaper and lighter.

VR Developer Mount

2-piece Leap Motion Controller Mount for Oculus Rift (compatible with DK1 and DK2)36" USB cable extenderGetting started guide

Minimum Requirements:
Leap Motion software 2.1.1+ developer beta


I was going to try this, Is the light on the leap up or down when its nailed to the rift?


I dont know @judas, i dont have the oculus rift. its already hard to find a shop in this country thats selling a leap motion. Seems nobody is selling it sofar. Maby someone else know.


Leap motion themselves provide an online store, and that is where you get the Oculus Rift plastic mounting kit for the leap motion too.

Otherwise try Amazon in your country. If you get stuck order via amazon.co.uk or amazon.com and pay the extra shipping as they have them in stock.


@Judas this is the one I use in the office. It does not matter if the light is up or down. It basically performs 3 functions. 1. Puts the leap in a position where it does not block any IR lights. 2. Gives you a longer USB cable. 3. Allows you to easily take the Leap on and off the Rift.

You could easily hack a test together with some double sided tape, to see what you think. I really enjoy having the Leap, attached to my Rift.


Here is the setup I had for the Friday meetup. (you probably can not tell, but I have a leap, attached to my rift, which is attached to my face ;> )


@Ai_Austin Amazon is terrible company, the most used and only useable payment methode is paypal. and the dont support it. also you need to order it still from germany or uk. Why i dont order from leap motion itself. the price is high, so the change that you get extra fee’s for importing it in the country is high, possibl;e depends how it send. But still not understand why shops not seems to sell the leap motion here. need to search further.

question for @chris, can you mount and use the leap motion upside down to, as example you mount it on microphone tripod above your desk. make more sense for dekstop use then place it on the desk and you need to hover you hand way to high to use it.


Something i did notice is that the leap and the xtion pro (think kinnect cam) don’t play well together. They both shine out Deadly radiation ok i made that up invisible infra red light and one messes with the others reception.
Its a shame these devices cant all learn to work together in harmony and love. then the leap could do the close up fingering and the xtion could handle the arm waving/ face stuff.


@Richardus I have no idea on that question as we have not tried it. You would need to ask the leap forums, my guess is, if the leap thinks the tripod is a rift that it would be fine. This setting on the Leap would probably mean you are OK.


@chris , thanks first need to find a leap motion. i think its a toll thats going to be used much more in hifi. Not know any other good one right now.


Think i found a good shop for the leap motion, anybody know http://nl.chatandvision.com/ ? seem sno shipping costs and no jidden taxes etc.


oh i forgot i have this set up. I have a leap motion the oculus mount and a DK2. I’ve so far been unsuccessful getting the DK2 to work with any demos on the mac, so its been shuved into the corner or my studio.


It can be hard to find out how to get it to work. Lately I discovered some javascript has to be running or the leap won’t work. Also updating to the latest (beta) leap drivers helps.

Maybe someone has got a link to some page explaining all in detail ?


Skipping this shop for the leap motion http://nl.chatandvision.com/. i read bad stories about that shop. So still have no shop to buy the leap motion. :frowning: leap moton really need to get that device into the shops. shop thats closest to me is one on ebay in the UK as alternative., closer seems impossible. Amazon is no option , because thats not available here and dont support paypal.


you could try something like mediamarkt: http://www.mediamarkt.de/mcs/product/LEAPMOTION-Gestensteuerung-kabelgebunden-LM-C01-DE,48353,462848,1003763.html?langId=-3


Thanks for thinking looked there already a few times, but the dont sell it in the netherlands.


you can grab one from marktplaats http://www.marktplaats.nl/z.html?query=leap+motion&categoryId=0 or oder it direct from the leap website


Marktplaats the are used, or prett expensive and you dont know what you buy. buying straight from leap i hold a bit off, because im pretty sure you get extra costs for improting it. Not sure about that to. Some say it worked fine. The website talkes also about you can get extra costs.

Besides that, would be nice to buy it in the area because warranty.

Ther closest alternative option is the UK one, or find one.
maby mediamarkt get them soon here.


yes that is true, secondhand is about half price, but comes with a risk.

Sounds like it will a pretty good idea if you wait a bit, It seems like you are not quite sure if the leap is what you want, how to get it and if the leap is worth the investment.


Got the Leap motion setup with my dk1 (double sided tape for the moment!). After some test its working very well with very low latency.

Next natural question – can I place models and build voxels / meta voxels with my hands in the 3d space with the leap/HMD?

Any tips for how to navigate around and use the interface while wearing a HMD? I can move around to some degree but using any of the menu items seems to be very difficult, ie turning off or on of the microphone. The interface seems to zoom in on the item under it, but clicking it is hard to find the active area.

Overall experience, I find I am frequently looking down at my hands in the VR simulation, but the interface window seems to remain level, and does not track down with the fov, this is proving to be very hard to use. Shouldn’t have to look up, it should track to the center of the view.