Leap motion gestures


The leap motion supports the recognision of gestures, it seems to support 4 types of gestures out of the box:

CircleGesture A circular movement by a finger.
SwipeGesture A straight line movement by the hand with fingers extended.
ScreenTapGesture A forward tapping movement by a finger.
KeyTapGesture A downward tapping movement by a finger.

It would be awesome if we could use these in HF with javascript.

So we could possibly create an inworld book/presenter, wich could be controlled with gestures, to go trough the slides with SwipeGestures.
A CircleGesture could be used to call up a UI with possible a with a leap keyboard and some sort of menu.


Nice idea @MarcelEdward . @ctrlaltdavid have you seen these gestures?

@MarcelEdward how are you going with your Leap?


I think the leap is a magical device, I like the idea of doing things withouth the need of a keyboard or mouse.

I like some of the apps like the xdrumair or freeform.

But at the same time it a bit of frustrating device, sometimes it does not work quite well. A few days ago I tried a chrome leap plugin for browsing and typing in website when at a sudding the red lights on my leap disappear. That must have been some sort of windows bug. On the mac it seems to run a bit stabler, and it doesn’t seem to stop working suddenly,

Precise movement or tapping is pretty hard, it probably takes some practice and will get easier when updates to the leap come.


@chris @MarcelEdward Yes, I’ve noticed these gestures, and also “motions”, as being available in the Leap SDK: https://developer.leapmotion.com/documentation/skeletal/cpp/devguide/Leap_Overview.html#gestures

Thinking about similar hand-related devices such as ControlVR and possibly MYO, it would make sense to make the same set of gestures available for use with all devices, e.g., use the native gesture from the device’s SDK if it supported or otherwise roll our own version of it.