Leap Motion HP Keyboard


Is the HP Leap Motion keyboard compatible? I picked one up but it doesn’t seem to work.


did u load the leap.js script?

not seen one of those b4 looks cool lemmie know if u get it going


leapHands.js in Running Scripts (use the search filter to find it) then after turning ON Advanced Menus and Developer Menus, ensure you have Developer >> Hands >> LeapMotionOnHMD selected.

After that you should test it and let us know.


I got it to work. Loading the script from URL results in an error. Downloading it locally so I can upload worked though. It’s range of motion is a bit small so it’s hard to use. Though the leap apps work well it may need some tinkering to get it to work better. The main issue is getting my arms up high enough to do anything. I’ll let everyone know what I figure out.