Leap Motion no longer working


Was trying this out to test my fixed Fen avatar’s finger movements (to get down the skeleton joints), however I noticed that this is not longer working as it used to.


I’ve also mentioned this to @chris in a PM. I tried it last Saturday and it didn’t work. A real bummer if they intend to drop support for it.


I did a quick debug and it seems its because the setJointData method got updated. Now it also takes in Position data, which the script is not using (thus an error that make it fail)

Unfortunately, setting this data to 0,0,0 is not the way as everything becomes compressed. so it needs a bit more work to have the support in again. (Not sure if leap motion does provide position data as well)


I went through the scripts:
Further Info following Scripts will no longer work due to the change:

  • realsenseHands
  • afk
  • crazyLegs
  • gun
  • leapHands
  • sitOnEntity
  • sit
  • botProceduralWayPoints
  • bot_procedural

Because MyAvatar.setJointData requires position:
Easiest fix probably would be to make the call polymorphic, and make the vec3 to be optional, and something the client could specify…


Nooooo!!! I hope they don’t.


as far as realsenseHands it shouldn’t be working previously.


Hi all, We do not intend to drop them.