Leap Motion Orion Update


Apparently this just got released and it works better than the previous builds.

Will there be a fix for this in High Fidelity?


Oh that is interesting. I wonder if they fixed the occlusion problem. It would need at least a second camera.


I have been playing around with it. It works very nicely


Once you have Orion installed then you can get it going


I also like their demo, and in it is something I have been arguing for in HF: inworld menu and controls, nicely demonstrated in this vid:


@Balpien_Hammere , it is a nice demo. No one has been arguing against you on inworld controls.


Leap schmeap try playing a guitar with it and you see why it gets the Judas thumbs down
Also won’t let me flip the bird

Just tried the orion but it was all over the place , I shall assume its me worked fine in the visualizer
but not in hf the fingers worked but it was all over the place


I am trying to integrate leap motion as system to move object etc…is very complex.

Anyone has done something?


Hi @judas , you may want to try and take the leap.dll located in LeapDeveloperKit_3.0.0+39171_win\LeapDeveloperKit_3.0.0+39171_win\LeapSDK\lib\x64 and replace the one in Program Files\High Fidelity . Let me know if that is part of the golden path


2nd time lucky lol


Is this with the Orion strapped to the Oculus? So, it has the wide an angle of view? If so, wow.


I read that as onion.was un strapped to the occulus
but as i has found some velcro i shall strap it next
tho it still wont let me flip the bird
which matters a lot to me as we don’t have a text chat


You’re not trying hard enough:


haha… count them… one two three four… umm. one!